Happy Monday- well Thursday night if I am keeping it real mama’s!!

I hear all the time,”omg you get so much done, omg you’re so together.” I laugh when I hear this because I am glad I look this way lol!! But that is not what’s going on!

No Shame in Being a Hot Mess

Lets talk about earlier this week, you’ll like this… I legit ran out of the house, in just socks!!
Baby girl was all packed, like I felt so together, everything packed ready to go, even remembered a snack for myself (LOL never happens), face a little done, I start driving and in my head I am like hmmm something is off?!
I then realize OH I am wearing socks and HA I didn’t even bring shoes!!

When You Realize Something is Missing…..

I had to whip around and go home and run in for shoes and then run back out!!!
That was a first for me. Instead of shaming myself, I laughed it off! I was laughing pretty hard too!
Who else has done that? Or something like that?
I am realizing more and more as a new mom, I have to laugh things off!
And just like we don’t want anyone to shame us, don’t shame yourself!!

Give Yourself a Break

Be good to yourself!! Give grace, feel all the feels, it’s all good!!
So in all seriousness, I wanted to put out there that I definitely don’t always have my SH*T together and that’s ok. I have been talking about intent heavily on my blog and its because I am really trying to put it into practice daily.

All Good Intentions…Well You Know How it Goes

I set the intention to get certain things done and work really hard to make it happen. However, if I don’t get some things done I let it go and don’t shame myself for it.
I release it and move forward and I feel much healthier that way. It’s not always easy to do but I keep practicing it and working on it.

Gather Others Around that Embrace Your Hot Mess Status

I love my community here and on social media and I would love to hear what you go through and how you handle things.
That’s what this blog and my social media is for, sharing!! And honestly, it’s therapeutic to me too!!
So yes, I definitely have days where I get so much done and I’m like YAASSS I did it on top of mommyhood, and then there’s times where I am a hot mess, I forget my shoes, and I think wow….. really Ali???!!

Chat with Me on Yappa

I have been working with Yappa and I just love it because I can genuinely engage with all of you and leave an audio or video comment!
So make sure you scroll to the bottom of this post and leave me a yap!
Let’s yap away and communicate!!

No MOM SHAME here!! <3

I hope your week has been going fabulous and if it’s been rough, know it’s going to get better!
I am looking forward to the weekend and a little work and play and family time!!
Fashionably Yours & always tired,