Happy Mommy Monday! Let’s normalize breast feeding 🤱. I’m going to let you know right now mommas, mommas to be and my fashionistas in general this is a long one!
This post below is what I wanted to post on Instagram but it wouldn’t completely fit so I shortened it and wanted to further blog about it and my horrible experience this past weekend with American Airlines.

I felt it was really important to post after seeing how many people react to me breast feeding 🤱 and many other moms. How there’s such a lack of knowledge and the stigma behind it all.

I have had a few instances now where people have commented on me Breast feeding in public. And I was shocked to say the least. This is how I feed my baby 👶🏼. This is how she eats and is comforted.
Yes I pump for those asking and my husband feeds her at night with a bottle, or during the day to give me some “me” time. Other than that I exclusively breastfeed. I choose to do so. I truly love the bonding time on most days. Of course it’s very time consuming for those that ask me. Sometimes I get lost in and wrapped up in the moment, other times I multitask and I work and do emails and get things done.
It truly depends on my mood, what’s going on and how Amelia is vibing with everything. I easily breast feed 12-15x a day so every time and every feeding can be different. Some are shorter and some are longer.
Sometimes she wants me all in and pulls on me and gets fussy because she wants me to pay attention to her, other times she goes with the flow. At the end of the day for me, the most important thing is that she’s being fed and comforted.
Why is it someone else’s business? Many of you were fed that way? What’s the problem?
Why do people stare and have such an issue?
Why is it such a hot topic right now?

Sometimes I wonder if everyone knows the benefits for baby girl and I, so that’s why the post below is super important. It’s to educate and to make those aware who aren’t and hopefully further break the stigma behind it all.

Further more, I think some people’s lack of compassion for moms can be horrible in general. As a new mom I’m seeing this more and more and it’s truly upsetting to me, for myself and all moms!

I had a very upsetting experience this past week when I flew to Arizona for the day for the aesthetics everything beauty expo for work.
I already was worked up about leaving Amelia for almost a full day as is and having to pump enough milk for my nanny and husband to cover me and me having to pump being away from her.

First off, I have to say thank you to TSA who was wonderful with me and specifically said we don’t touch breast milk, we check it but that’s it.
That’s yours to keep and the only liquid ( that and formula) that are allowed through.
It was very refreshing to see them helping a new mom and being so accommodating as I went through as nervous as can be.

Sadly, my flight to return home was nothing but just horrible experience after horrible experience!!
American Airlines / American Eagle was just awful about everything with me.
From the time I found out we were on delays and I started freaking knowing I wouldn’t be home for my baby girl. My mind started racing, what if we run out of my milk? What if she has a really hard time cause I’m still not home? I was an emotional wreck. 😭
I tried explaining this to American Airlines and did they care? Nope 👎!! They didn’t even pretend to care or show compassion.
I flew in at 3 pm and planned on being home by 9:30, that was the plan.
American air announced they didn’t have a crew for our flight?! I don’t even understand how that happens but whatever. I calmly asked if they could get me on another flight, they said they had nothing available and we’d be leaving with the next crew in two hours.
Ok, two hours I can handle that. So I pumped and sat in the airport and hydrated myself heavily and ate.
Two more hours go by, no updates. My nerves start kicking in. Now it’s 10, around 10:30 they announce the crew we thought we were getting to cover was cancelled due to a flight being cancelled in Boise, Idaho ?? Omg my heart starts racing. I go over to the desk and ask them realistically when are we getting out?
I have a newborn at home I have to get home too.
They literally shrug me off and say we are waiting for an update mam.
So I go sit back down, pump again and try to pass the time. I’m so emotional at this point, so beyond upset. Thank god I brought my pump, extra milkies ( storage bags) and Ice packs.
Oh yea they couldn’t even get me ice to make sure my milk stayed cold and safe for babe!

It’s now about 11:30 and they finally announce we have a crew and we will be on our way shortly. I’m thinking ok thank god I’ll be home maybe by 1 am, least I’ll be home in a few more hours. 🙏🏻
Wishful thinking! 10 mins later they announce a ramp is broken?! What?! Seriously thought they were making this sh**t up!!
Now it’s midnight and they say will have an update soon. I seriously start pumping again because I’m getting insanely engorged!
At this point american air decides they’ll bring out a snack tray with snacks, sandwiches and drinks. The least they could do.
The girl next to me was so sweet and not only was she talking to me and being comforting during all of this, but she went up and got me a sandwich and water bottle since I was pumping and couldn’t really move.
At this moment I’m now feeling sick from being so tired, pumping so much ( it hurt ) 😞 to everything else emotionally going on with me.

The next announcement comes, the ramp is fixed finally but now due to the weather we weren’t able to fly yet. It literally had just started raining 🌧 thundering and lightening. I couldn’t believe it. A monsoon!

Ok 12:30 comes and we are finally boarding the plane, which took 20 mins longer than it should of because of the fact all of our boarding passes had expired due to it being the next day and they had to print all new ones! So now hallelujah we are on the plane. As I’m texting my hubby saying I’m finally heading home, I’ll be home by 2 am fingers crossed 🤞, the pilot announces there’s fuel issues and the fuel is unbalanced ?!! What?!
And we are going to have to wait to fly.
I couldn’t believe it! Now I’m freezing on the flight because mind you I had a dress on for the event I went too and nothing else. I started using my nursing cover I pumped in as a mini blanket.
American air couldn’t even provide me with a blanket or water might I add!
I told the flight attendant I was super cold and not feeling well and it was affecting my health and me being able to produce more milk for my baby. She literally smiled at me and said oh I’m so sorry. I really don’t know what to tell you, I don’t have a blanket for you.
Ok what about water? We can’t serve until we are in the air, which will hopefully be shortly.

Wow ok. I try to stay calm but I’m flipping in my head at this point. I can feel myself getting engorged again and I need to pump and I really can’t see in the pitch black to do so, so I wait hoping we are leaving soon.
Well it’s now almost 1:50 am and they announce the fuel has finally been fixed and we are waiting for our place in line to fly out.
2:10 am and we are still waiting to take off, a few mins later we finally do. We are sitting on the runway for easily an hour or more.
At this point I’m an emotional wreck, I’m exhausted, hungry, dehydrated, cold and so upset at myself for leaving my baby girl for what was supposed to be a few hour work trip turned into the travel from hell!
Finally around 2:30/2:40 am they announce they won’t be serving due to turbulence ( which was beyond horrible) on the flight and they can come around individually.
It took me to almost 3 am to get a small cup of water! My neighbor next to me, was kind enough to share her blanket at least cause she saw I was freezing and not feeling and a new mom.
She was a mom herself and truly felt for me.

By the time we finally landed, it was 3:30 am.
I could not believe it. I was delirious and barely able to drive home. I walked in my door at 4:30 am and my poor husband was a nervous wreck and was up and waiting for me.
He had made me a whole thing of grilled cheese, had a huge water waiting for me and a big hug.
We were both so happy I was home.
I pumped before I went to sleep because my one boob was pulsing badly and then I finally went to sleep. I woke up to nurse Amelia two hours later around 7 am. I was never so happy to not only nurse and be able to give that to my daughter but to comfort her and let her know I was home.

The whole next day I kept saying to my husband and thinking to myself, I can’t believe the lack of compassion the airline had for me!
For my situation, for the fact I was cold and dehydrated. The fact that I was having to consistently pump because I wasn’t home yet?
The fact they didn’t care I needed to get home sooner to be to my newborn. It was mind boggling to me.

Between this horrible incident and the way others have treated me when I breast feed in public it was time for me to say something and post something publicly.

From the moment I found out I was pregnant, and started thinking about my babygirl, I knew I was going to breastfeed. Many people don’t really understand breastfeeding & that’s okay. It’s definitely not this magical journey some make it out to be. It’s hard work and frustrating to say the least. I had no idea what it would be like. How I would feel, let alone experience. And then you add in everyone else. Some people are embarrassed seeing it, some women are embarrassed to be doing it, others shame mothers because they are uncomfortable.

I originally planned to post this pic yesterday when I was flying out for the day for work I was having serious #momguilt and missing my babe. After a horrible experience with @americanair who showed no compassion or help to my situation of being stuck in AZ till 2 am & getting home at 4 am and not being able to get home to breast feed my baby, having to pump multiple times and feeling sick, I decided I needed to post today. I believe people need to be further educated on this on not only what mothers go through & how important support is on all ends of the spectrum.

We’re not doing this because it’s fun…it can be quite painful. Mentally and physically exhausting. Time consuming. Uncomfortable at many times, beyond emotional 😭 and then in all of it there’s an incredible bond between mom and baby.
It’s what nature intended and that’s why we were created to be able to do it.

What most men and women don’t understand are the benefits for you and the baby. Would formula be easier? Absolutely. But is anything about being a mother EASY? Um, haha no. When we embark on this journey, the idea is that creating and raising a human being is not easy. It’s hard work, from the day they’re born, to the day they leave till forever. Being a mother is a full time job, and our responsibility… and breastfeeding is nothing short of that.

Benefits for babe:
1. Helps prevent chronic disease in babies, & can reduce your babes chances of getting common viruses such as the flu, the cold, pneumonia , ear infections etc.
2. Reduce risk of SIDS
3. Decreases babes risk of some childhood cancers
4. Better antibody response to vaccines
Benefits for mom:
1. Reduce chances of obesity in both mom & baby
3. Burns 20 calories per ounce of breast milk produced, helping you lose/maintain weight PP.
4. Better healing due to the oxytocin released.
5. Reduces risk of premenopausal breast cancer & ovarian cancer
6. It’s convenient & free!
It is estimated that if all babies were breastfed for at least 6M it would save about $13 billion per year in healthcare costs. #WBW2018

Any mothers reading this post that don’t 🤱 , this is not to shame you. Breast feeding, bottle feeding it’s all hard and being a mom is hard work period! It’s our own journey! This is to educate those that don’t understand it, who have issues with it, who roll their eyes, who don’t understand why there’s so many pictures on Instagram of women breastfeeding, it’s to make everyone aware that not only are we feeding, soothing and helping our child, there’s so much more to it!
So next time you see someone just doing their job and being a mom, be a little kinder! and know that many of you were fed that way too! As a new mom, I’m learning more and more every min this journey is not easy by any means, this job is the hardest I’ve ever had but it’s beyond worth it ❤️🙏🏻 #breastfeedingawareness

Please share this post if you feel the same, are a mom and have encountered this, learned something new about breastfeeding or are just inspired!
Thank you.
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(Pics from the airport pumping)