Happy Monday Mama’s and my mom’s to be.
I had the pleasure this past week to attend the Biggest Baby Shower event in LA thrown by the fabulous Big City Mom’s.
It was so much fun!! 👶🏼 💝
First off, Amelia Rei got the grand VIP treatment with everyone wanting to hold her and play with her. haha! Amelia was loving feeling the textures of the beautiful flower wall, looking at all the products, and waving to all the people. Amelia’s new favorite thing to do now is WAVE! It’s too cute!!!
Mama’s, who else melts over this? I get so excited when she waves!
Okay, enough about Amelia’s cute little wave.. haha!! If you’ve never gone to a Biggest Baby Shower event, let me tell you how much fun and how crazy it is!!
So you walk in, and they have so many amazing vendors and brands everywhere. Each table is set up beautifully and you can really test the brands and see the products, which I love! I love to touch and feel everything! Being that I am an influencer besides a new mama, I really love to experience each product.
I got to have fun with some of my favorite brands as well.
Like Cybex . I got to play with my new carrier that’s so stylish and comfortable for Amelia.
It’s like my own trendy leather jacket with baby girl in it! So fashionable for mama 😍
As well as Uppababy strollers and more. This is the one I am currently using, and love it.
I got it at one of my showers from my family with the bassinette, and Amelia loves it.
I linked it above on my amazon link as well:)
There are so many brands there, honestly there’s no way to mention them all. I will say, if you’re expecting or a new mama like me, this is great information, trying out product, having experts explain to you about everything and meeting the companies hands on! I highly recommend attending.
Even expert mom’s attend to see what’s the latest, and what they are into. The market changes so quickly now, I feel like its great to experience it all and make decisions. We all have different ways of doing things after all, and it’s good to find what fits you as a mom.
Some of my other personal favorite brands I got to see is:
Happy Baby, we love their teethers! They are organic, healthy, have great flavors, and break off easy so they melt in your baby’s mouth.
Amelia loves them and when her teeth are really bothering her, they are amazing for not only a snack but also for making her teeth and gums feel better. I notice Amelia is way more soothed by them than others for whatever reason.
Some of my favorite teething products that have worked are here on my amazon list:
I also got to check out the booth with Ready, Set, Food.
I have been very curious about how it works with baby’s potential allergies, and have been unsure of what I want to do with Amelia for all these allergies they tell you to be aware of.
So, Justin and I let Amelia try eggs around 6 months, randomly one day at breakfast when I was having them, and she loved them and did well.
We did it again a few times and it all went fine. So we have continued.
She hasn’t had peanut butter yet. I am nervous for her to try it.
So I like that the Ready, Set, Food, is about introducing them in stages.
You do a 15 day introduction, 1 at a time building up the amount you give them depending on reaction or no reaction
And then continue for 6 months to reduce the chance of that allergy.
I also got to see the Water Wipes family, and I love their wipes!
They work great and really clean up those number two messes. haha!
Ya’ll know what I am talking about. Especially since Amelia has 3 meals a day now, she can leave quite the mess and these are great and I love how soft they are!
I recently did a twitter party with them and it was so much fun!
There were also the cutest bows, and one was in my influencer swag bag, so cute! The bow company is by a mom and the grandmother. So adorable!
I love when companies are owned by a fellow mama or family!!
So wonderful to see:)
The company’s name is Little Babe Bowtique! Check them out, so adorable and any of you mama’s that see my pictures or follow me on social know. I am always putting Amelia in bows!! I just love them and even if she tries to take them off, I am always looking for cute new ones for her to wear and head accessories!! Haha I can’t help it! #mymomismystylist
Well, I can’t wait for the next shower in August, make sure you check out Big City Moms for all their events, and if you’ve been to one share with me!
Comment below, leave me a Yap, or message me on social media!
I love to hear from you all!!
PS: I got an amazing influencer bag so I’ll be sharing my favorites soon!
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