Happy Mommy Monday mamas and my moms to be!
This past rainy weekend I spent it cuddled up with my little bestie twinning in our bestaroo pj’s!! Aren’t they so cute 💕?!
I got these adorable pajamas at a gifting in LA and literally couldn’t wait to wear them!!
It is so much fun to be twinning with my baby girl!! Is there anything sweeter than twinning with your little one? They have so many great styles for girls and boys and then amazing mama pj’s to match! Check them out here
Can I be honest? They are so comfortable! I also love for the babies they have easy zips and footies to put them in. And a little flat to cover the zipper so it doesn’t stick them. The fabric is seriously the softest!! You’re like laying in the softest cloud!! You definitely need to feel it to understand it.
Also, my favorite part of these pajamas?
When you shop the isla winter land prints, you’re donating to the canines for disabled kids charity!
Back during the holidays, Bestaroo had a holiday contest for the kids to draw what they thought should be on the pj’s and an adorable little girl Isla won and she chose this charity. I love a brand that gives back 🤗
So when you shop, not only you can be twinning and adorable with your love, but you’ll be giving back to an amazing cause!!
The fabulous Magnolia PR shared our fun photos on their Facebook page!
What are your favorite things to do with your little bestie?  Please share, I’d love to hear!! Leave me a Yap below and tell me how you dressed up or some fave moments!
I just love it 😍
I had the best cozy weekend with my little bean, Amelia Rei and I couldn’t of been more content, warm, and cozy.
Have a great rest of your week loves, and if you’re in in LA, stay dry!!
Fashionably & always tired mama
PS: Which is your fave pic? 👯‍♀️