Happy Mommy Monday Mama’s and Mama’s to be!

Or is it “Happy” Mommy Monday? When I talk about diastasis recti I am definitely not smiling 😩haha. I didn’t even know what this word meant or how to pronounce it!! Until that is, I went through an unexpected c-section and then found out I had this.
Basically without getting too scientifically into it, it’s when your muscles don’t come back together after giving birth. Super upsetting. Your body no longer has that tightness or the memory that muscle had. I honestly had no idea what this meant and what I was in for. It was already quite the journey not having the birth I thought I was going to have, going through a c section and now this? I cringed and cried and cried!!
I was doing diastasis recti specific work outs, wearing the hospitals belly binder and no dice whatsoever, I was not seeing a difference.
Then Belly Bandit came into my life and it was like a whole new world for myself.
I immediately noticed a difference with their wraps. I could feel the compression when I would wear it around the house. I especially felt the tightness when I worked out. I couldn’t believe it!! My stomach and bloating was going down 🙏🏻🙏🏻 My majorly puffed out tummy was flattening!! I could feel my abs slowly reforming or what was left of them haha 😂 #momhumor I couldn’t believe I had never heard of Belly Bandit before and what a life saver they were to myself and my tummy!!!!
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A little BTS below:)
Please check it out, as there are some incredible moms who were apart of it and I was grateful to meet and work with all of them!!
Thank you Belly Bandit for helping me get my belly and body back!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻👏🏻👏🏻#lifesaver
My new favorite accessory, no lie ladies!! It’s a must-have for your hospital bag, birthing bag, and post journey! I promise you mama to mama.
Another last minute must have are their c section undies!! It has also helped to improve my stomach and get me back on track to my pre mom bod! Check it out on my stories.
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Sending love to all of y’all and have a wonderful week!!
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