Happy mommy Monday my loves!
Well I’m officially 6 months!! I can’t believe it!!
What a journey it’s been and I wouldn’t trade it for anything !! 👶🏼

The more I go through this the more I realize how quick it goes, and how in love 😍 I already am with her!

That being said, I’m truly not loving my skin, my break outs, and certain changes that you know you can’t really prepare for.

But don’t worry!! I’ve got you covered mommas to be, and also for my natural loving beauties !!

Face/Skin care: Bioderma Micellar Water 

First off, I get why French women have such amazing skin, hello I know I’ve mentioned this before, but Bioderma micellar water is my jam right now!! I’m tired af in the morning and especially at night! I don’t even have to use water and it’s theres a sensitive version that’s great for my consistently breaking out skin! And I can use it as a makeup remover too!! Genius! I’ve been getting so many more compliments on my skin and noticed my constant break outs have slowed down.

Twin Medix: 

Now Let’s talk wrinkles!! I know we’ve all got them, but they are like that annoying family member that just won’t leave!
And to be honest, before Baby, I was doing little bits of preventive Botox and such!
So I’ve had to find my own new magic!
Twin Medix has been my new go too! It’s free of parabens, sulfates, etc! And it’s safe to use!!
I’ve really noticed it’s helping my wrinkles and softening yet tightening my skin!

Skin Polish for Stretch Marks:

Another thing I’ve been dreading 😟 stretch marks!! And I can say my girl Heather Marianna has been taking care of me. Her skin polish is everything!! And really her whole beauty kitchen.
It’s amaze!! 😍 The skin polish is so fab to lather on all over my belly, butt, thighs and boobs!!
And it smells amazing!!! Heather has so many scents, so even the most sensitive mamas to be like me, find one they love!

Also, stay tuned to see me on Heather’s show, “Beauty & The Boss” talking all things fashion, beauty tricks, and “Stripped” 🙂

NOTE Cosmetics:

Lastly, I personally love glam and I’ve recently been trying NOTE cosmetics which is an all vegan and cruelty free product, and I love how it goes on and how pretty the line is! I’m still playing around with samples but I’m a really big fan of it so far.

So for all my mommas to be, don’t worry I’ve got you covered!! I’ll keep trying products and fabulous goodies to see what’s fabulous for us moms!

Thanks for all the love and support through this journey! It means so much to me!

Fashionably Yours & Momma to be,