Hi loves! Hi mamas! Happy Monday! Wow it’s been a min since I’ve been on.Real mom life talk here, it’s hard to keep up!! 😂
And I’ve especially been MIA because I’ve been growing another human!! 👶 YES Baby #2 is on board!! We are SO Excited!! Let me tell you being pregnant this time around is even harder with all the sickness ( all day again) and chasing a toddler! #struggleisreal
Regardless though, I’m so grateful to be in this place again and have Amelia Rei be promoted to big sister!! 👧 I just know she’s going to be the best! She already hugs and grabs my belly and kisses it and says baby!! 👶 It melts my heart!!
Bump dates and all coming soon for y’all!
Thank you to Daily Mail for the love on my pregnancy & the adorable 😍 photos of my playdate with my mama friend, Mercedes Javid. Special thank you & love ❤️ to Mercedes for all the support as a mama, especially with this new baby on the way! The empowerment, the love, strength and laughs, I can’t say thanks enough!!
Two moms holding their babies.
Two moms in the park with their children.
Thank YOU to all of YOU for all your sweet wishes and congrats!! It makes me 😭😭 I’m so grateful!!
Pics below from our fun day with Daily Mail & our baby #2 announcement!! 🎉
For the announcement of Baby  #2, I went with a friends theme for it, because Justin loves Friends and got me obsessed too! It’s our cozy date night show to this day & what we first started watching together when dating.
Mom and dad on couch with baby in between.
Mother and father on couch while baby plays at ottoman.
The fortune 🥠 cookie was fun to hide the surprise in too! I wanted Chinese food cause that was our go too in NY but LA has the worst Chinese food ( in my opinion) lol so I got Thai!!
Fortune cookie pregnancy announcement.
Stay tuned! More Bump dates coming soon!