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Today is such an EMPOWERING episode for our mamas and mama’s to be, and well honestly anyone that wants to really talk about the medical system and advocating for yourself!
Sarah Lavonne who is a registered RN first and foremost, has really seen the medical world first hand, and though she loves her job, has also seen a lot of disconnects especially when it comes to mothers and care, options, education etc.
Sarah talks about change from the inside out and outside in and really walks us through her years in the hospital as a registered RN as well as being a birth coach.
Sarah shares her journey of how she got here and her mission and where’s shes going.
Sarah and Ali connected because of Sarah’s passion for not only educating mama’s but also witnessing many successful VBACS and having a VBAC class! 
Sarah and Ali go deep today about Ali’s journey as a new mama and her birth with Amelia via c-section to and now going for a VBAC for her second baby girl.
Sarah and Ali really discuss the realness of birth, the trauma a c-section can bring, why a VBAC, the actual stats, benefits and risks and so much more.
Ali loved sitting down with Sarah and really getting into the heavy details of a VBAC, mothers care in general and so much more!
Sarah loves women and babies so much, and you can really hear her passion and what she’s wanting to further with education for us all!
Tune in, it’s an episode jam packed with information, stats, fun conversation and more!!
Sarah is also giving us a coupon code for her amazing VBAC class for those mama’s that want : Use CODE “Vbacwithoutfear” until June 30th for 20% off
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