Happy Friday loves! Wow, we got through a very heavy first real week back and we couldn’t wait for you to hear this episode!!

Meet Dr.Annie of Healthwise Chiropractic! Ali’s chiropractor for her 2nd pregnancy and who’s on her team to optimize her chances for a VBAC.

Don’t worry will get into what a VBAC is and what it stands for!

Today’s episode Ali and Dr. Annie talk about chiropractic in general, the stigma behind it, the questions and concerns so many have and how even Ali was a skeptic at first!

How the two of them connected and why.

Dr.Annie talks about how she got into chiropractic and her passion behind it, how she found it at a young age herself and how it truly helped her and how she’s down this path 10 + years later!!

Dr.Annie speaka to wellness and how she personally views our bodies, our sicknesses, etc. Her passion for chiropractic especially for children too!

This episode is packed with amazing information !! We touch on Ali’s vbac and what she’s looking to achieve and do and the steps they are taking, chiropractic when sick, alternative medicine, and so much more!

Get excited because this is the first episode of many, Ali is going to be sharing her VBAC journey and what it all looks like with some behind the scenes conversations and of course sharing on social media getting adjusted etc. Different topics Dr. Annie wants to speak too, like nutrition, supplements, chiropractic for pregnancy, babies and children!

We can’t wait to dive into all of this and get crackin’! Ha-Ha!

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