Happy Monday loves!! We thought this was a great way to start the new week!
Ali sat down with psychotherapist & marriage and family counselor- James Guay to discuss Living Life Fully.
James and Ali discuss Jame’s start into being a psychotherapist, where his passion began and why this line of work.
James speaks to his own experiences and how it inspired him in his line of work.
Ali and James talk about being mindful, how to be present, especially as mama’s and parents, the practice of it etc.
James talks about the acronym R- A I -N and the process of it in mindfulness and with your anxiety and the check in’s we all need to do.
James and Ali also discuss your negative inner thoughts, bullying yourself and more.
This is such a great episode to start your Monday fresh really being mindful, present and creating those best practices!!
Fyi, this is a shorter episode as James had clients to sit down with right after, but the power and beauty behind it, is incredible!
James expertise plus warmth and dedication to his own practice is so inspiring!
So many gems to take away today! Hope you have a beautiful week and live fully!
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