Everyone talks about pregnancy right? How are you feeling? What’s it like? What are your plans for the Baby once here etc?!

No one really talks about YOU. What are your plans mama?! How are you going to adjust? How are you going to be set up for success and handle the transition into postpartum?!

It’s always about the BABY, and YES our babies are a blessing!! We need to make sure, we as MAMAS are taken care of too!

Meet Dr. Jane Shomof of Bloome! A psychologist, creator of Bloome, counseling services and a plan for mama’s, and a mother herself of 3, she knows all about the changes and the craziness we all go through as mothers especially the beginning of going from just US to having a baby and becoming a Mother.

Ali and Dr. Jane talk the realness of motherhood, why Dr. Jane created Bloome, counseling Ali on her second pregnancy and what that type of counseling service looks like, discussing her postpartum depression from her first pregnancy with Amelia and how Bloome steps in.

Dr. Jane also talks about those scary thoughts we all have as mothers and how to minimize them.

Going from 1-2 and what that transition is like and a whole new set of feelings of juggling the love and needs between two kids.

For any expecting mothers or mothers in their postpartum journey, this one’s for You!!

Postpartum looks different every time! Dr. Jane breaks it down with her keys to prevention as well!

Dr.Jane helps you find yourself again, or an Even Better Version of YOU for that matter!

Dr. Jane Shomof even gave us all her email to contact her directly, talk about a gem!!

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