Interactive storytime is the new, modern twist on an old family tradition. When I was a little girl, I loved storytime. I snuggled up with my mom or dad – or both – and sat as they read me stories, pointing out the pictures and helping me connect the words with the images on the pages. Every night was a new adventure and a new journey. It was what cemented my love of reading for the rest of my life.

Now that I’m a mom, I want my girls to love reading, as well. While my newborn may not be able to appreciate storytime, my oldest daughter, Amelia, certainly does. She’s been in love with storytime since we started it, and she just can’t get enough of it. Now that she’s getting older, she’s started to become interested in tablets and the television, as well. She loves to play educational games and watch her favorite movies on our TV.

What I truly love about VOOKS is that now I can combine her love of tech and storytime with Vooks. They make it easy to take storytime and bring it into the modern era.

And they have so many stories she already knows and loves like Giraffes Can’t Dance 🦒, and she recognized it on the VOOKS app on our TV and requested it! I was so excited she recognized the story and book and it made her that much more excited to watch it and have the story interactively read to her!!

Interactive Storytime with Vooks

Toddler on couch ready for interactive storytime

Interactive storytime is a new way to get kids to fall in love with reading. In this modern age, our kids are more tech-savvy than we ever were. Even the youngest kids understand how tablets work, they know how to swipe (lol), and they love to watch YouTube videos and their favorite movies. Some can even find them on their own!

What I love so much about Vooks is that it lets us parents use technology to our advantage! It seems like these days kids get bored easily with traditional books. VOOKS allows us to keep our kids interested by making storytime an interactive experience that the kids get super excited about watching and hearing.

How Vooks Works

Vooks is a kid-safe, ad-free streaming library of read-aloud animated storybooks combining reading with video in a way that makes it easy to teach kids to love reading, spot words, and make learning fun rather than a chore.

Selecting a Vooks story on the TV

VOOKS helps reinforce a love of reading, allowing kids to read along at their own pace, teaches life lessons, and visual connection between words and text. It’s a storytime and screentime all rolled into one experience that kids really love.

The benefits of instilling a love of reading now are far-reaching, as well. The more words heard by children by the time they reach kindergarten age directly impacts a child’s future learning success. 20 minutes of Vooks a day also helps build vocabulary and fluency. Finally, storytime is shown to promote healthy brain development, too.

I’ve already noticed in a few short weeks of using VOOKS with Amelia that she asks for VOOKS by name now. She points at some of her favorite stories and she repeats the words, the colors, and the ideas from a certain story! It’s amazing and so encouraging for her!!

Amelia Loves Interactive Storytime

You guys, fellow mamas, and parents, my daughter, Amelia, is in Heaven with VOOKS. She loves the animation coupled with the stories. They’re just the right length, as well. They’re long enough to tell a full story but short enough to keep her attention for the entire time. It’s like combining storytime with TV time, which she loves. The stories and concepts are easy for her to take in, and she’s already learning from it! She’s beginning to confirm colors, animal sounds, and what type of animal they are.

Toddler watching Vooks on TV

I love that I can put the Vooks app onto our smart TV. I try to limit tablet time with Amelia. I think it’s important for her development and for my tablet’s future existence. LOL. Being able to use it on our TV allows me to keep my tablet safe, my daughter happy and learning, and myself – just recovering from 9 months of pregnancy and the following labor – to be able to relax and recover while we enjoy Vooks together.

It’s really one of Amelia’s new happy places, and I love that it’s bonding time for her and I, lying on the couch or in bed watching, and she still feels like she’s getting that one on one time with me, which is super important to her now that her baby sister has arrived.

Toddler watching a Vooks story

Make Interactive Storytime with Vooks Part of Your Routine

I am so happy to have VOOKS as a part of my routine with Amelia. She is over the moon with the app, and so am I! This new interactive storytime routine has already become a much-loved part of our day, and Amelia seems to enjoy it more and more every time. VOOKS consistently adds new stories I’ve seen every time we sign-on.

There are all different categories and themes to explore depending on their age,. You can make a list of your child’s favorites as a direct go too, and there’s lesson plans you can also follow from the Vooks app if you want to make it even more educational!! As a new mama again, you know I’m always looking for ways to make things easier and find those great mom hacks, well Vooks is my new FAVE! If you have children, I highly encourage you to get Vooks. It’s a fantastic way to make learning so much fun and go on little interactive adventures with your mini’s & it grows with them!!📚

If you have children, I highly encourage you to get Vooks. It’s a fantastic way to make learning so much fun! Head over to the VOOKS site to learn more about this amazing app and how virtual storytime can enrich your child’s life.