Holiday gift ideas were what it was all about on my recent segment on The PulseSD! I had the chance to hang out with Cindy Matalucci and talk about some great gift ideas for moms this holiday season and how they make life easier for mommies. Cindy and I had so much fun talking gift ideas, mom hacks, baby fashion, and a lot more!

Ali Levine and Cindy Matalucci on the set of The PulseSD

Ali Levine and Cindy Matalucci on the set of The PulseSD

Holiday Gift Ideas

I love to look my best when I’m on camera, so my outfit was from the super chic Madri Collection. I also made sure my makeup was on point. My good friend, Olivia (@mua_livv on Instagram) got me all glammed up, and Woodland Hills & Nineveh (@amazinglashwoodlandhills on Instagram) made sure my lashes were amazing! I also showcased some other great products like socks for babies and to hair-strengthening conditioner.

The Madri Collection

Ali Levine wearing the Madri Collection breastfeeding top.

Ali Levine wearing the Madri Collection

Ali Levine in red sitting on a couch

I love the Madri Collection. It’s a super fashionable “ready-to-mother” line the empowers moms to breastfeed everywhere. It was founded by two best friends experiencing motherhood together who realized that fashionable breastfeeding attire did not exist. So they created the Madri Collection. Every design has discreet breastfeeding access with either a simple lift or hidden zipper that allow moms to feed their babies or pump easily anywhere without completely disrobing, which I LOVE.

Here’s what’s being said bout this awesome collection.

VOGUE: The clothes that the women are making are not only beautiful, but they provide that same kind of support that is necessary for other new moms.
GOOP: Everything this new line makes is essentially perfect, especially the Crossover Top. So chic.
NYMAG: All I had to do was flip the flap up and pull down my nursing bra. Too easy. I wore it again the next day.

That’s high praise, and I couldn’t agree more!

Use code: THEPULSE for 20% off everything sitewide through 12/31/19.

Trendy Toes

Trendy Toes is a super cute line of socks created by a mom and daughter duo who understand the difficulties of keeping socks on tiny feet! These adorable socks are made with bubble stitching, so they stay on little feet, and they’re made primarily with combed cotton so baby is comfortable and those socks stay on those feet! You can find Trendy Toes at Amazon.


LottoLove is a different kind of scratch-off card that’s the perfect gift for under the tree or a stocking stuffer. They’re great for the person who has everything or the person who never wants a gift. With LottoLove, you can get the joy of giving to your friend or loved one, and they can, too. That’s because LottoLove is a social good scratch-off that benefits those in need. When your giftee scratches off the card, they win literacy tools, clean water, nutritious meals, and solar energy “prizes” to help communities that really need it. It’s SUCH a fun way for everyone to enjoy the holidays.

Here’s how it works:

  • Buy a LottoLove scratch-off card
  • LottoLove donates to their respective charitable partner
  • Gift your scratch-off card to someone
  • Recipient plays the scratch-off game to see what was donated in their honor
  • Everyone wins!

You can get LottoLove in packs of 2, 4, or 10, so there are a ton of options.

Shampoo Workshop Conditioner

Shampoo Workshop conditioner is all about helping keep hair healthy and beautiful. The founder of Shampoo Workshop, Travis, is a celebrity hairstylist with 23 years of experience. He created his conditioner to help his daughter with her alopecia. He tried to cure her alopecia, which he referred to as an “epic failure”. BUT the ingredients he chose to try to cure her hair loss ended up creating a conditioner that helps strengthen and fortify hair like nothing else.

These ingredients sanitize, stimulate, and strengthen the hair and scalp, so it wasn’t a total loss. While he couldn’t cure her alopecia, he could help slow it down and help keep her remaining hair looking amazing. In fact, the conditioner works so well, you can go for up to 7 days between washes, which reduces the amount of stress put on the hair and scalp due to shampooing.

Right now, Travis is offering a two for one deal on his conditioner for The PulseSD subscribers, so you can get two bottles for $70.00!

K’Tan Carriers and Wraps

Woman cradling her baby in a wrap

Finally, we have something almost as vital to mommies as fashionable breastfeeding attire – baby carriers and wraps! As a mom with a super busy lifestyle, I can tell you that babywearing makes things sooo much easier. When my hands are free, I’m able to field phone calls, put on my makes (I like to live dangerously), make snacks for my little one, and more. Of course, I want to be fashionable in all things, so I love K’Tan.

Their carriers and wraps are so stylish, and they’re easy to clean, which is a huge bonus. They have 6 new patterns to go with the variety they already have, so you can highlight the cutest accessory of all – your bay-bah!

Talking Holiday Gift Ideas Was so Much Fun

Ali Levine and Cindy Matalucci on the set of The PulseSD

I loved this latest segment of The PulseSD even more than some others I’ve done because the products I showcased today really make wonderful holiday gift ideas, and they make life so much easier, better, or both for moms and babies. I hope you loved everything I showcased as much as I do! Until next time, stay fabulous!