Happy FriYAY loves!! Today, we have someone very special and fabulous as our Friday Fashionisto! Tony of LBK Nails! Ali is obsessed with his nail polish, and not only because it’s so fashionable! It’s also so healthy for us and our nails! Plus, Amelia can suck on Ali’s hands now without Ali worrying about her baby getting unsafe chemicals in her mouth. Amazing! Hello moms! It’s 7 free, it’s cruelty free, vegan, shall we go on? Oh and it has a hinged top so you can test without the mess! Genius! Tony and Ali recently connected for her Las Vegas now TV segment and our boss babe, Ali fell in love with his product! So let’s introduce Tony!Tony Kemeny of LBK Nails

  1. Tony tell us a little bit about yourself, your start in the industry, your back round, love for nail polish and about LBK.

So I was raised by My mom, My father passed away when I was 1 years old. I was brought up being taught that you must work hard and life isn’t easy! At thirteen I had 12 paper routes to help pay the rent. That seems so long ago since who has paper routes any more. Some might not even know what that is lol. My mom was a manicurist and that is what started my road down the Beauty Industry. At one point She developed an allergy to Acrylics so being resourceful she decided to sell nail products rather then applying them. She opened a store and I went to work for her delivering Nail products to salons directly (this started in 1985) by me servicing these salons and dealing directly with manicurists week after week year after year I developed very close relationships with them. Not only them but the clients customers since they were there at the same time I was every week.

I quickly realized back then there was a problem when I would see manicurists having to repaint nails because their customers were complaining about a certain color not looking good against their skin tone.

In regard to love for nail polish. My answer would be the nail polish is really a side note to my love for people. Let’s face it. Seeing a woman with beautifully painted nails says a lot about them. The confidence they have their style, and fashion statement. Begins at their fingertips next to inward beauty I say “Beauty starts at your fingertips” But I believe Beauty comes from within ultimately.

  1. What does LBK stand for!

It means “Love By Kemeny” and what that means is My love for people and wanting to make a difference in the profession In the only way I know how. It is about offering something to people they know they will love before they spend their hard earned money.

  1. What is your favorite color in the collection?

That is a hard one! But if I had to answer I would say really dark Cremes like Teri is so Terrific! (LBK26) I think the dark cremes really give a rich, elegant, sophisticated look.

  1. Tell our readers something they wouldn’t know by looking at LBK nail Polish

The idea of this invention is simple it offers the ability to see exactly what you get. We consider it a Peace of mind product. But what your readers would not know is that. The Colors in the collection are named after Influential  Women, Children and others who have done great things, overcome great tragedies. And turned it all around to something good. Woman who have helped my mom in times of need. I suppose I was just trying to pay homage to some of those women. For instance, Danielles Resolve. Is about a young girl who lost her baby to Sids at the age of 6 months. I watched as she struggled and mourned over her loss of that precious baby and although she didn’t feel like to she had the strength to continue. She is doing it! Another color is Rachels Revolution. LBK28 This color is named after my sister who actually had the same thing happen to her. To this day she still mourns the loss of her child. But she created a Revolution She turned that tragedy into helping other who have lost babies to sids. She councils and has risen to the President of the Sids foundation for the California Chapter. You see I want this brand to empower woman. I want people to know companies are people. And that we genuinely care about them. Something that has been lost as of late.

  1. Why should we all be obsessed?

I would like people to be obsessed simply because we are selling more then a Lacquer, I know that I have spared no expense in creating this item The Lacquer is 7 free it is Vegan and Cruelty free. But it is also an Item that is truly sold with Love not just money Life is not just about making money. It is about caring for one another. It should never be about look at me! It should be about what can I do for you! That’s what makes for a special product.

  1. What does fashion mean to you?

It is about being able to express yourself to show ones own personal style. Fashion is all about being yourself and being comfortable with it. Fashion isn’t just what you are wearing it is about what you are feeling. It is about pushing the limits in originality! It is about you just being you!!

Follow Tony on insta HERE and use this special code busymoms25 for a 25% discount! We wanted to share early for all of Ali’s fans:) 

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