Happy FriYAY loves!!
Today we have the handsome talented Renfro! He is not only good on the eyes, but has the best heart and a lot to say! Read more about the amazing Renfro below!
1. Introducing Renfro:
Hi I am Renfro: Blogger, model and content creator. I live in actual Surf City USA which is Huntington Beach, CA. My biggest passion is making content for my Instagram followers and blog subscribers. They’re like a family. I love every one of my peeps!
2. Who’s your fashion inspo?
I have two..Elvis and James Dean! I love classic blue jeans and white shirt kind of looks. I love how classy and romantic old Hollywood was… I daydream about being an old movie star. And I try to apply that vintage vibe to all of my looks and content..for the most part! I also like snap backs though!
3. What’s your favorite classic movie?
That’s tough but right now it’s Rebel without a cause. I relate to it so much. It’s a great movie. I also love anything with Marilyn Monroe! I loved Gentleman Prefer Blondes!! Both very beautiful and tragic people.
4. How would you describe your style?
Classic but modern.
5. What’s your favorite thing in your closet?
My Moschino biker jacket! Although it’s a million degrees out..I’m just waiting for fall so I can wear it!! But I can’t live without my sandals from Kohl’s! I love Kohl’s! Everything is nice but cheap!! I rarely care for designer brands!!
6. What’s your next project?
My dream is to start my own production company or at least pitch out my reality show idea! I know I’ve told you about it before but it’s called “Blogger Behavior” and it would follow 6 social media stars including myself and of course you Ali! I just need to find 3 more bloggers before I can pitch it out!
Okay! So I think we should put these in too:
How did you meet Ali?
Well I found you on Instagram a little over a year ago and decided to make it my mission to get you to notice me! And you did in the first like week! I had way less followers than you (I think I was at 20k) and you went out of your way to make me feel seen! It meant a lot to me! You where the first traditional celebrity to say anything to me!! And when I saw you on Stripped I loved you so much more because it really showed your soul!
Who are some of your favorite bloggers?
Well I love Amy Roiland (@afashionnerd) and you the most, hands down! Your content is so raw, real and beautiful! I love how honest you are with your audience and how you engage with them so passionately! I think you are the most down to earth reality tv star!
I know first hand how stressful our jobs are as social media stars, so what do you do to unwind?
I definitely take days where I unplug and don’t even look at my socials! In my opinion doing insta-stories is the hardest part of my job. I hate it! I wish I could just go back to just creating content instead of trying to be entertaining everyday..it’s draining. I know how to make an interesting story but it’s so much work and for what? A few thousand views? So when I’m offline, and you see no stories just understand that I’m stressed and need to get away from it all. I think it’s so important for everyone to unplug and spend time with people who are present. Real life is so much more beautiful and meaningful.
7. Where can we all find your Instagram?
Kindest Regards and lots of love,