Happy Friday loves! We wanted to introduce an amazing woman and survivor for today’s feature: Sandra Higgins.

Sandra is amazing with her bracelet line and she tells us all about why this cause means so much to her!!

Wouldn’t you rather purchase a breast cancer bracelet from a true survivor? Someone who knows what it’s like to be scared, to go through treatment, and to survive? Someone who has learned the hard way how precious life is and truly wants to give back? Meet Sandra Higgins, owner and designer at Serani M Designs and breast cancer survivor for over 27 years.

Her new line of bracelets ~ Glam Cause ~ is finally here!

The passion that she has put into designing them is undeniable. How many times have you thought, “I want to donate and proudly display my support in the fight against breast cancer but pink just doesn’t go with this outfit”?

Well now you can!

These bracelets are designed with love in beautiful semi~precious stones, crystals and sterling silver, all containing a small quartz crystal for healing energy. They proudly display a touch of the traditional pink but can be worn with any outfit and stacked with all your other bracelets. Each one has it’s own name and personality, and with Glam Cause you can feel confident that the money is really going towards the cause.

$5 from the sale of each bracelet goes to research so as if you need an excuse to buy another bracelet, make this one count!

Follow her at @seranimdesigns and check out her website to support! We at Team Ali Levine Design love this woman and her designs!
Thank you!