Hi, lovelies! Happy Friday!! Sorry, we’ve been a little off lately on the blog. Our super mama Ali has been crazy busy and lots of exciting new projects are coming to ALD!! Stay tuned!

Today we are so excited to feature Pamela Schein Murphy of Select 7!! Ali loves her style and everything she’s doing, and we at ALD love that she’s part of the Hey Mama group that Ali’s also part of.

Meet Pamela Schein Murphy from Select 7

Check out all about Pamela below, how she started Select 7 (such a great story) and her so chic style!!

1) Here’s a little introduction of Pamela and Select 7

Pamela Schein Murphy, Founder + Creative / Editorial Director, The Select 7, a curated lifestyle website that unlocks the world of today’s tastemakers by exploring their 7 Select interests within the worlds of philanthropy, food, wellness + beauty, travel, fashion, interior design, and social media + technology.

2) Tell us a little about yourself, your passions, what lead you to Select 7 and anything else you want to share!

Starting The Select 7 was really kind of an accident. I’m a huge researcher and I love to plan. About three years ago I curated a trip to Paris for a friend’s birthday and it was on the last night of that trip that one of my friends told me I should start a blog. I answered with a resounding no: the idea of a blog wasn’t all that appealing to me. My daughter (she was 12 at the time), said, what about a website? And that struck a chord because it felt like something I could really create: the design, the words, the topics. She actually started the website for me that year for Mother’s Day and I took it over and started playing around with the idea of curation and recommendations, of sharing information, and it turned into The Select 7.

3) Tell us about your style.

My main goal in life is to figure out how to always be comfortable while also not looking like I never change out of my PJs. So maybe my style is sweatsuit chic?

4) What’s to come and what are goals you’re working on? (Anything new with projects or that you want to share)

The Select 7 is still relatively new and I’m just really working on getting the word out! We have some really exciting guests coming up who I’m excited to share and we’re launching a podcast, The Select Sessions in the next few months that will bring our guests off the page and into real life.

Pamela Schein Murphy of The Select 7

Pamela in a blue scarf and striped flared pants overlooking a lake. Pamela Schein Murphy in striped flared pants and a white shirt wearing dark sunglasses in a blue stairwell.

Pamela sitting on white book shelves wearing light colored cropped jeans, lighter colored jean jacket and blue high heeled boots with pink accents.

Thank you Pamela Schein Murphy for sharing! Go follow The Select 7 and check her out! And if you love this comment or leave us a Yap below!!

Happy stylish Friday loves!!


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