Another Friday, another MOM BOSS Fashionista!:)
This week we have the treat of featuring this super woman, Nina Bal! Just a short little intro, she is a Dentist/Aesthetic doctor with her own company (trying to juggle between 1 child, 1 bump, 1 husband and 2 clinics on her own!)! You tired yet?? haha. She was also on a Uk tv show, Bodyfixers, last year and she absolutely LOVES fashion!
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PS: We feel honored to feature such a beautiful (inside and out) inspirational woman on the blog! So thank you Nina<3
1) Meet Nina! 

Hi! My name is Dr Nina, I am 100% Italian but living in London for the last 7 years, married to a Norwegian/Iraqi amazing husband (I know, can you imagine what mix of blood my son is), a very busy mum of 1 boy called Marlon who is 3.5 years old (soon mum of 2 in December, arghh help me! I don’t know the gender but I hope for a mini-me baby girl), a cosmetic dental surgeon and facial aesthetics in love with what I do, running 2 clinics on my own, I did a TV show last year called Bodyfixers and juggling between school runs, clients, tv and husband!

2) When did you know you wanted to be a dentist/aesthetic doctor and run your own company?? Wow Mom boss! 

I always knew since I was 3 I weaned to be a doctor or a dentist . I was fascinated by my uncle who is a dentist and I love a white scrub ! SO I always had my vision crystal clear: I matched my 2 passions of medicine and beauty with my job . I am very lucky to be feeling so fulfilled doing what I love.

3) How do you juggle being a mom/soon to be mom of 2 while running your own company? 

Oh gosh I don’t even know it myself sometimes ! My brain is always working 100 miles per hour: when I am at work I make sure my son has the best food (I wake up at 6 am to cook him pasta for his lunch so I make sure he has everything home made cooked and organic ), activities planned for every hour I am away and when I am with him I am 24/4 available for my clients especially after a clinic day so I never stop! The trickiest thing is giving enough attention to my husband amongst all this madness! 🙂 I would say being SO organised is key, and help: I have an amazing nanny who helps me while I am at work.

4) What has been your go to style and/or product while pregnant? 

When I am at home I live in XL black leggings (from Intimissimi) and a loose top.

When I go out I love to match comfort and style: my favourites brands are Seraphine (for evenings or more elegant occasions) and Asos (such good prices that you can have a selection, as you get so bored of wearing the same ones) . As I cannot wear high heels (well I could, but they can get so uncomfortable while expecting ) I style those cute dresses with n ice accessories : I love Hermes or Chanel bags, Soru earrings , a. Nice watch and some Gucci flat shoes.

5) Who is your fashion icon? 

Olivia Culpo for something , and different fashion bloggers for other things . I don’t have 1 person who I look up to: I browse on Instagram until I find an outfit that I love, whoever this person is.

6) What has been different about this pregnancy from your 1st?

I definitely felt getting bigger MUCH quicker , by week 5 I already didn’t fit in any of my normal clothes. I didn’t put on too much weight but I guess the waistline expanded so much faster. And feeling totally exhausted : this time I can’t put my feet up when I want as I have a very energetic 3.5 years old boy who wants to run and fight! SO you push trough sickness and tiredness but my advice is GET SOME HELP. You can’t do it all when you are not feeling great, especially the first 3 months.

7) What is your favorite part about being a mom? 

When I come home after all day at the clinic and Marlon runs to me hugging me saying ‘Mummy I missed you” or at bedtime when he hugs me and says ‘ Mamma ti amo” (Mummy I love you). It makes everything worth it.

8) Where can we find you on social?