Happy FriYay loves! Today we have a fellow mom boss as our Friday Fashionista, Laura Gimbert. Ali and Laura know each other via social media, and Ali loves what a mom boss and girl boss she is and really found it helpful connecting with her as thet were both pregnant same time!
Learn more about Laura below:)
1.) Tell us about yourself! 
Hello! This is Laura, I own a Pr/Digital Marketing agency based in Los Angeles and I am a new mom to a beautiful (almost) six month old baby girl, Sofia. I am originally from Barcelona but I have been living in the US for almost 10 years. I’m also a fitness & wellness fanatic, and world traveler 🙂
2) How would you describe your style in 3 words?
Comfortable, stylish and sexy.
3) What was your fave style/go-to product during pregnancy and now after?
During pregnancy definitely fitted under the knee dresses (with a stretchy & comfy material) paired with sneakers! Now after, I love crop tops and skirts for the summer (my abs are back – with hard work – so why not show them off)
4) Who is a celebrity you resonate with or Influencer/ Star ?
Jessica Alba: mom & business owner, just like me! Balancing both worlds isn’t easy but if you are truly passionate about what you do, like we are, you do get things done and can keep growing your business even with a baby or kids!
5) What has been the toughest part of mommyhood so far? What has been your fave part?
The toughest part of mommyhood has been finding a way of balancing everything (not only business and a baby, but daily fitness, nutrition, the household…) and all of the above with no family in town or help/nanny. Everyone in my family lives in Barcelona (and my husbands family in the Midwest) so I’ve had to be completely hands on all alone since the beginning. And I’ve always wanted to be the one taking care of my baby so hiring a nanny wasn’t anything I was looking to do.
The best part of mommyhood has been the same, finding a way of doing it all and still be able to take care of my daughter and see her grow every second of the day (I only leave her for an hour daily when I go to the gym at night while my husband plays with her after work).
It’s been hard, but the best!
6) Where can we find you on social?
My main account is @prbossbabe   where I motivate woman around the world to push through and follow their dreams. I give tips and insight tricks on how to balance it all and share my busy lifestyle!