Happy FriYAY loves! Today we have the gorgeous and fab blogger babe, Megan Mandell. Ali and Megan connected through an influencer group event and now we have the honor of featuring her for Friday Fashionista, & she definitely fills the shoes of “fashionista”.

Read more about this boss babe and fashionista below.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you became a fashionista/blogger babe?

I would say I was always a fashionista! My Mom will tell you I was picking out my own outfits at age 2! So I guess I was a natural born blogger! Lol But I grew up performing! I was dancing, singing and acting every single day! So being surrounded by talented people was what I thrived off of. I always said I was going to work in Fashion during the day and then be a broadway dancer at night! After graduating high school I realized being a broadway dancer was no longer what I wanted to do, I wanted to be in the business of fashion! So I went to fashion and school studied Fashion Merchandising & Management. That’s when I started my blog, when I transferred into my fashion program at Philadelphia University!

2. What’s your go-to style & fave trends?

My go to style would be something casual, a good pair of denim, an oversized tee tucked in and belted, with a pair of booties. Trends I’m loving right now would have to be blazers! I love to wear them dressed up or just casual!

3. Let’s talk about social media & you as an influencer:)

When I started out social media was a totally different place. I would post photos to drive people to want to go to my website. (which I still do) But now Instagram is its totally own platform that is part of how I make a living! 5 years ago I would have never thought I would be making $$ off of pretty curated images I styled! But overall it’s something I love! I’ve had so many amazing opportunities & friends come from social media! It’s constantly changing and challenging me in new ways which is something I enjoy.

4. So you are recently engaged, congrats!! Tell us about your wedding details and fashion plans!

Thank you!! It’s such a special time, I still can’t believe it! Our wedding is happening this May 2019 at my fiance’s parents home in south jersey! They have a beautiful home and outdoor space that we are going to deck out and have our ceremony and reception at! His parents home is where his parents want all the kids and grandkids to come to, and my fiance, being the oldest, we thought it would be special to have the first big event in our lives happen there! Our style is a mix of modern and boho! I envision lots of greenery, pompuss grass, white and dusty rose flowers, with modern farmhouse elements! As for my dress…. I have 2! That’s all I’m going to say!

5. How did you connect with Ali?

I connected with Ali in an Instagram Influencer Girl Power group! The group is filled with ladies from all over, but Ali and I always connect, even without the IG group! I’ve loved watching her journey of becoming a Mom, and all her successes!

6. Any other exciting things coming?

Besides planning a wedding, running my blog www.honest21.com, I am also a personal stylist for Bloomingdales. I have so many fun and exciting projects coming up that will all be shared on my Instagram page @honesttwentyone ! So be sure to follow along!