Heather Wells is one of my favorite fashion icons, and I’m so excited to share her thoughts on LOVEthirteen today with all of you, loves! As a stylist and fashionista, I’m always looking for fashion companies that have a message behind their products. I believe every piece I wear should have a meaning behind it. I love fashion that comes from a place of love, rather than just trying to find the right looks and cuts to sell something. That’s why I’m so excited to share this line, created by Heather Wells, with all of you!

Heather Wells in gold dress wearing LOVEthirteen bracelets.

Heather Wells and LOVEthirteen

The story behind LOVEthirteen is so touching and bittersweet. It was born out of the loss of Wells’ mother. She wanted to do something to bring the love she had for her mother and the love her mother had for her to the world as a way of honoring her. She also wanted her pieces to help heal those who wore them. Between the beauty of her pieces and the message behind them, I instantly fell in love with the brand when I discovered it. So let’s talk with Heather Wells about her line.

About Heather and LOVEthirteen

LOVEthirteen was born out of the loss of my mother. While I dreamed the bracelets for years before beginning, the Divine guidance and messages to create and follow my heart came through the journey of my mother’s transcendence. It did not take me long to realize that the gift of LOVEthirteen was far beyond that of jewelry or bracelets. The gift was in connecting with women, hearing their own stories of pain and loss, and being a conduit of love and healing for the women who found their way to me and my creations. The jewelry, too, took on a deeper meaning than simply jewelry as I began to hone and honor my gifts as an energy master and healer. Crystals have the ability to hold and transmute energy, so learning how to stream Divine light and energy with the specific intention to heal and bring prosperity in all ways – health, wealth, love and happiness – became the true calling of LOVEthirteen.

What Fashion Means to Heather

Fashion means feeling amazing in what you choose to put on your body. Beyond what’s hot, or trending – choosing to wear things that elevate your being.

Heather’s Goals for LOVEthirteen in 2019

We have big goals for LOVEthirteen. They are multifaceted as our model is the giveback. This means that the majority of our events we participate in are for charity. This year we have asked for the level of events and the women within these events to truly uplevel our brand. To be women who are in alignment with themselves, their work, their lives, and who are committed to doing extraordinary things. So far this year, this has been granted and we feel supremely blessed. The second piece of LOVEthirteen is our webpage. We have created our webpage to mirror the experience one might have with me on the road – based upon intention and created to support you in whatever it is you are seeking in life at the moment. It has been a true gift to travel the country in support of women and their charities and then return home to see our google analytics lit up with followers and sales from all the places we get to go.

So Much More Than Fashion

Heather Wells in white jacket wearing LOVEthirteen bracelets.

LOVEthirteen truly is our calling! We continue to ask that our platform to connect and heal women continues to grow, that we get to continue to be a conduit of Diving Light and Divine Love, and that we get to continue to do good with our lives and with our business. LOVEthirteen is more than jewelry. It is created to bring more goodness, more beauty, more love and light, and more prosperity and abundance into our wearer’s lives! LOVEthirteen Spiritual Glamour, It’s more than jewelry!

How Heather and I Met (LOVE Her)

Ali and I met years ago through my beautiful photographer, Laura Bravo-Mertz. I believe our angels (my mom and Ali’s Dodo) used Laura as the connector so their girls could make some magic happen together. Since that time, I do not think I have ever seen one photograph of Ali without her LOVEthirteen on her wrist and bringing the sparkle to her life.

I Love Heather Wells and LOVEthriteen

Heather Wells is one of those people who has a truly good spirit. It’s a spirit devoted to helping others in a real way rather than a thinly veiled attempt at appearing to be something she isn’t. If anyone can be said to be pure of spirit, it’s her. I love the sheer goodness behind her brand, and I love how pretty all of her pieces are. It’s a win/win for everyone who finds her line.

Heather Wells wearing LOVEthirteen bracelets and ring.

If you haven’t connected with her on social media, you need to do it now! Her channels are full of love and light in addition to shopping, and her site keeps everyone up to date on what’s happening with the brand, including links to events.

Find her at:

The LOVEthirteen website.
@love_thirteen on Instagram
Heather Wells on Facebook

Before you go, be sure to check out the new LOVEthirteen ALI Stack. Heather and I collaborated on it, and I think it’s lovely if I do say so myself.