Hi loves! Happy Friday! At ALD, we are always trying to keep you in the know and excited about what’s new with Ali & the team, and what we are up too! We can’t believe the holidays are upon us!! What an amazing year here at Ali Levine Design. We are so thankful for all of y’all! More than you know!
Ali wanted to show her holiday card she’s sent out to her friends and family, and share with all of you as you’re part of that family for her.
We appreciate our readers and followers so much ❤️ and can’t wait to bring more exciting and new content for 2019!Now before we get ahead of ourselves here, (which Ali tends to do haha) we wanted to share this amazing stationery site called basicinvite.com. Ali was so excited to create her card with them as it’s Amelia Rei’s first Christmas and it couldn’t be more special!!
Ali is in love 😍 with how her holiday card came out and she wants you to be able to shop and customize your holiday cards too!!
And right now you can use code, holi30 and get 30 % off!! Yay!!! You know we love a good discount!Let’s talk about why Ali and the team love this stationery so much!

Before we even go into the gorgeous design and customizing details. We have to mention the fact that you can upload your address book and they will send your cards for you! Hello, new moms and busy women in general, this makes life so much easier! No post office, no stamps no wait! Basic Invite does it for you!
Now let’s talk fashion:
First off, unlimited colors – hello you know we always say to POP your color! Well take your pick! There are very few sites that let you have unlimited color options in an instant preview and basic invite does just that!
Ali loves the details and how basic invite is all about the littlest detail!!You can even change the color of your envelope. 40 different colors! Hello custom!You can also get custom samples! Ali printed a sample so she could see exactly how her holiday card would look before she sent it! 🎄
So perfect!

We also love there are options of FOIL ✨ hello sparkle! They have gold, silver and our FAVE Rose gold!
Do you see the rose gold foil choice on Ali’s ?!
Sooo chic and cute!!

We love how truly fashionable you can make your holiday cards! So if you’re preparing for the holidays or fashionably late, like Ali!! Haha!
Use the code “holi30” and shop now and check out @basicinvite on social media to see some of there gorgeous designs!!

Check out the examples below and Ali’s card!!

Isn’t it so sweet 😍🎄

Happy Holiday loves!! From our family to yours!!


Fashionably Yours,

Ali & ALD