Friday Fashionista – Amelia’s Coachella Babe Style and an Update!

Happy Friday Friends and mamas! We are bringing you Amelia Rei as our Friday fashionista to talk Coachella style!

Sorry, we’ve been a little slow on the blog lately, Ali’s little babe is teething away again, and on top of that Ali has been working and recouping from Amelia’s 1st birthday!! 😭So it’s been chaotic at ALD!!

Isn’t Amelia adorable in her baby Coachella look?Amelia Rei in her Coachella style

Amelia Rei in her Coachella style

Amelia Rei’s Coachella Babe Style

Photo by Chaya of @cgphotographyla

Outfit: @sweetpea_babyboutique

This weekend Ali and Amelia are headed to Coachella, but for mama vibes! We can’t wait to see their looks and all the Mama Mirage Coachella fun!!

If you’re going to Coachella or love Coachella fashion comment below!