Happy FriYay loves! Today we have someone special who just recently shot Ali and Amelia in a fun photo shoot- more deats to come soon!

Until then, read more about The fab Amberly below:)

1) Tell us about yourself!

I am Amberly Brown, wife and stay-at-home mom to Logan, 6, and Nora, 3. When I’m not taking care of the house or carpooling kids to school, baseball and playdates, I am dreaming about my next floral project. I am a self-taught florist and I make all of my arrangements on my kitchen table. I love creating a beautiful space using fresh flowers for weddings, parties and events.

2) How did you get into this business? 

My mom owned a dried flower business when I was a young child, which I think sparked my love of flowers. At 18, I went to work in a family friend’s flower shop, prepping flowers and putting greenery in vases for Valentine’s Day as a seasonal job. My love for event planning and flower arranging has grown ever since then. Three years ago, a friend was getting married and asked my mom and I to do her wedding flowers. We created a stunning boho chic wedding in Big Sur, California. A few months later, that same friend recommended me to one of her bridesmaids who was then planning her own wedding. This began my “career” as a paid florist. When I received the photographer’s photos, I decided to start an Instagram page (@flowerfulgrace), to share my creations with others. Since then, I have sold seasonal flowers for Mother’s Day and holidays. This past October, I had the honor of doing the flowers for the wedding of my very good friends, in Redondo Beach, California.

3) What are some of your goals, things you’re working on etc….?

I dream of opening my own flower shop—it’s a lifelong goal. I would love to have flowers at my fingertips to create something beautiful everyday. My heart would burst to have a client come into my shop to design a special event or take home the perfect bouquet for someone they love. Right now, I am going back to my floral roots and planning for Valentine’s Day, taking orders for arrangements in Calabasas & Thousand Oaks, California.

4) Describe your fashion style? Of course being fashionistas here we love to know everyones style:)

I love wearing dark colors, lots of layers, and stripes are my favorite—my mom style! My everyday outfit would be skinny jeans, with black flats, a loose shirt and a long sweater. My going out look isn’t that different, but I would swap out the flats for chunky heels, the t-shirt for a solid color blouse and the sweater for a fitted jacket. I’d describe my style as simple, but stylish and always comfortable when I have to chase around the kids!

My favorite flower arrangement style is what I call “garden dreamy”—light and airy colors with a lot of texture and depth. I love designing polished looks with a whimsical feel.

5) Tell us a little about the shoot you did with Ali and Amelia… some details, of the aesthetics and flowers etc

I had so much fun working with Ali to create the perfect shoot for sweet Amelia. We wanted to celebrate Amelia’s 10-month milestone and thought it would be fun and timely to incorporate a Valentine’s Day scene. With that decided, we moved on to Ali’s area of expertise: the wardrobe. She picked outfits and I finalized a color scheme. For the monthly milestone shoot, I picked a soft pallet of pale pink, nude, brown and deep greens to match an adorable pink and brown jumpsuit for Amelia. Ali wanted to play off the nickname—wildflower—that she called Amelia when she was pregnant. I knew I had to incorporate some touches of wildflowers in the arrangement. I wanted to create a “10” out of flowers, using moss to make the numbers pop. I chose sweet, soft and wild flowers, including pale pink garden roses, soft nude/lavender roses, cream spray roses, white wax flowers, brown scabiosa pods, and Queen Anne’s Lace that had touches of deep purple, brown, white and green to pull it all together. The “10” sat in a deep brown wooden box.

The Valentine’s Day flowers were my favorite. Ali chose a gorgeous, classic red dress for Amelia. Not wanting to make the shoot look overly red and pink, I chose a color pallet of burgundy, true red, coral, pale pink and white, which contrasted well against the dusty green of eucalyptus. Since Amelia is now sitting, a lay flat arrangement wasn’t realistic as her tiny hands would have been in the arrangement in seconds. Instead, I suggested hang a piece on the wall behind her. Ali loved the idea of three hearts, symbolizing each member of her family. I created the hearts with a metal base and floral foam. With a bottom layer of eucalyptus, I then filled in the space with flowers. I started with the center heart to make it completely full of flowers. The two side hearts had a fuller base of eucalyptus, and I chose to do the flower arrangements on opposite ends of the hearts with an ombré effect.

6) Where can we find you on social? 

I would love for flower lovers to follow along with my creations on Instagram @flowerfulgrace or to connect with me about an event, wedding or other floral need at flowerfulgracedesign@gmail.com.