Happy FriYAY dolls! Today we have the fab beauty, Amanda Katherine, as our Friday Fashionista:) She is way more than meets the eye; She is talent, beauty, and creativity…. & did we mention an amazing devoted writer as well??! Amanda started a website for those wanting to look “Dope” without breaking the bank. Hints the name dopeandbroke.com 😉 We love her site and all it has to offer so we had to share this “dope” friend of ours with all of you!

Learn more about Amanda with the Q&A below as well as checking out her site!  <3

1) How do you know Ali and why do you like the Ali Levine Design brand?

 I have been a fan of Ali’s for a while now. I love supporting her and Amanda Lauren and listening to their weekly podcast, Things We’re Too Lazy To Bog About. Both of their blogs are bookmarked to my internet browser. They are such an inspiration to me and I look up to them in a lot of ways.

I love that Ali is an independent woman who has created a brand for herself. She’s obviously stylish and beautiful but she is also super smart and has such a great personality. One of my favorite things that she says is “confidence is your best accessory.”

2) What is your own personal style?

 I would describe my personal style as trendy with a bit of edge and an essence of comfort. It’s hard to feel confident in an outfit you aren’t comfortable in! I’ve learned that the hard way.

3) We know you’re an amazing writer, what do you like to write about the most?

 I love love love writing about anything fashion-related. Styling comes so naturally to me and I love to help women look and feel their best so I try to write articles that are entertaining and informative.

I am constantly writing new content for my website, Dope & Broke, which helps women find affordable alternatives to celebrity street style outfits, discover the best cheap shopping sites, explore new trends at a fraction of the price, and read up on some budget-friendly beauty and lifestyle posts.

When I am not working on D&B, I write freelance for a few news publishers. I like writing mostly about entertainment and pop culture news. Recapping “The Real Housewives” is my guilty pleasure J

4) Favorite celebrity style?

 I think I have to go with my girl, Gigi Hadid. I recreate a lot of her outfits on my site because she wears so many looks that I could totally see myself or my friends wearing.

Her sister Bella is also one that I reference on D&B frequently. It’s hard to choose between the two of them because both of their styles are fire!

5) Favorite part of Ali’s blog?

 Well, you could have probably guessed that I love checking out her celebrity outfits for less! I love seeing which celebrities she is following for style.

I also love checking out Ali’s Picks and portfolio to check out what she has been working on and who she has been styling. 

6) How can we find you etc. ??

 You can check out my website Dope & Broke at dopeandbroke.com and follow me on social media on both Twitter and Instagram @_dopeandbroke.

 Amanda has recently started accepting guest posts on Dope & Broke. It has really allowed her to broaden the range of topics that are covered on the site, hear from some new voices, and feature other talented writers. If you are a writer or blogger and would like to write a guest post on Dope & Broke, we suggest to check out this page to see some previously published guest posts and shoot her an email at AK@dopeandbroke.com.