Our Friday Fashionista is one of the Top 100 influencers in fashion, Simonetta Lein. We were so lucky to interview this babe and learn more about her, her style, and her passions! Check out what she had to say below, and enjoy your long weekend, dolls!.

Tell us a little bit about you
I am a dreamer and I take action to improve everything doesn’t have a good vibe. I am a risk taker, a year ago I left Italy to come to the US with a very uncertain future and everything to start over. In not even a year I am already writing for the Huffington Post, Forbes, I am Fashion for La Voce Di New York, The Millennial Magazine, I am on Marieclaire Italy as a fashion icon, I established the Wishwall Foundation and I am about to make The Wishwall in every city. I am a top model for the amazing Richie Rich at fashion week and my tv show “The Wishmaker” was picked up by FNL. This is the real American Dream and my community, online and outline, gives me that passion to keep on going. To me everything is about empowering and sharing, I proudly stand for my generation as a millennial and I am a dedicated activist.

Tell us how your style is different
I am a woman and fashion is another way to me to empower women and remind them that they are beautiful and elegant the way they are. I am for a simple style but play with fabrics or accessories or different shoes. I love long an flawless dresses and flowers mixed with geometry like Diane Von Furstenberg does, vintage combined with some modern piece together. I when contrasts create harmony at the same time. I think that a woman doesn’t need to show it all and I think that I became respected from the industry, top magazines and one of the top 100 fashion influencers on the planet because I stayed loyal to myself and to this my personal rule. I am an old soul and my fashion style reflects it. I love sometimes to be just my age and wear denim and leather jackets, boots and rocky earrings, you can be modern staying classy.
Use your wardrobe to heal your day, when you feel sad pick that piece that you know will make you feel confident and beautiful and you will immediately feel better. Fashion has that power and shopping good fashion too!

Anything to look for, look forward too?
Look forward to contribute all to beauty and kindness one with an other. I hope you can get inspired by The Wishmaker on my social media, my publication and my tv show. Keep on sharing your meaningful wish on www.thewsihwall.org , I could pick your story. Follow me on www.thewishmaker.us and take a look at my foundation www.thewishwallfoundation.org and of course my social media www.instagram.com/Simonettalein
And remember that we can all help but you are the first that has to believe in your dreams, nobody else can make that for you.
Make your wishes come true!

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