1) Mahkenna tell us a little bit about your self & why you love fashion

I’m a singer from La and I love fashion because people can live through fashion and you can tell who a person is or how they feel by what they wear

2) Mahkenna you’re quite the triple threat in LA these days – singer, song writer & performer – how do you juggle it all & what’s your favorite part of your career ?

Juggling the crazy things I do is definitely The hardest part especially dealing with a double life of going to high school. My favorite part of my career is spreading my sound so that I can make people feel something and having my songs be able to let people leave their reality for 3 minutes.

3) what do you have coming up and what can we be excited about to watch for your journey? How do we follow you?

3. What is coming up is a new single going to be released this month called string around my heart and you guys can find this on Spotify and iTunes it will soon be playing on the radio and you can follow me on Instagram and Twitter @mahkennatyson

4) Last but not least we know you love your accessories, why do you love this Tess handbag so much?

4. I love my new handbag because its a bright pretty happy statement, and very spacious