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Ali Levine’s passion for styling shines brightly in more places than you realize. Her ALD Style is highly sought after and Ali is currently known as the new  “it” girl in the celebrity stylist world.

She is an LA-based celebrity wardrobe stylist who’s head-over-heels in love with fashion. Ali is constantly scouring the hottest trends all over Los Angeles and New York.

Her works have reached all over the industry big names like Fragments, Coach and Talbots.

“Throughout all of my fashion ventures, I’ve discovered one thing:
Confidence is your best accessory.” – Ali Levine

She has shared her fashion sensibilities and ALD Style achieving effortless chic-ness in several media outlets, including:

  • The New York Times;
  • FabFitFun;
  • Type F;
  • USA Today;
  • and

Needless to say, she enjoys having what she considers to be the “best job in the world”.

Throughout all of her fashion ventures, Ali has discovered one thing:
Confidence is your best accessory

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