Happy Mommy Monday my loves! Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! This momma has been getting a little more sleep so I’m feeling a better these days!
I can’t believe Amelia Rei is already 4 1/2 almost 5 months old!! It’s so crazy to me. What a journey this has been already.So I wanted to blog about my sleeping/sleep training with Amelia and all. I’ve gotten so many emails, messages, DM’s etc. Thank you for always writing me first off, I love it!! I love sharing my experiences as a new mom!Ok so let’s talk sleep and the reality of no sleep and how that makes us all feel; I think we can agree, pretty sh**tty.
I know that when babygirl was in her first 2-4 even 6 weeks of life I felt like I was truly in the trenches!! No sleep, delirious, could barely function, trying to be a good parent, waking up to nurse constantly, it was never ending.Then somehow you make it through those first moments, and before you know it they are becoming a person and no longer a helpless infant! So crazy! Funny how those sleepless insane hellish nights start to get better and better and it feels so quickly where at those moments where you couldn’t even think straight, dragged on minute by minute, hour by hour.
So, being a new mom, I had done my reading about the 5 S’s and the 4th trimester:

1. Swaddle: Babies love to be tight and cozy! Like super wrapped up, it’s womb like. My hubby and I call it like a baby burrito 🌯 Babies want the safe feeling of the swaddle and it soothes them when they are fussy and calms them for bed

2. Side/stomach: When babies get fussy, this is a great position to move them into to feel safe, when you’re holding them and calming them. Laying on their back for sleep is the safest according to most pediatricians and sleep experts.

3. Shush: I’m learning as a new mom, babies really don’t need all to be quiet. It’s actually good for them to hear a little noise. Remember in our womb, our blood flow and everything else is much louder and they are used to that. Amelia loves white noise. (we are still getting used to it haha)

4. Swing: Again like the womb, babies love motion so keeping them moving before bed is great or even during if you choose to go that route

5. Suck: Sucking calms a baby when they are upset so allow for them to use this muscle to soothe themselves

All of the 5 s’s And swaddling for us as new parents has helped us slowly get sleep.

It makes sense to me that these tricks work because it’s believed that when the baby is born they are still experiencing everything slowly and in a different way. It’s the 4th trimester for them and therefore they still want everything from the womb to calm them and soothe them. My hubby and I stuck with this method by Dr. Karp and really saw Amelia take to it after time. Like anything, it all takes time when it comes to our newborns. The swaddles also have to be super tight but breathable otherwise they don’t work. From when our baby girl was a day old to a few weeks ago, we were swaddling. It was amazing how she could be screaming her head off and as soon as she was swaddled she was calm. As they get older it’s harder to swaddle them as they transition them to the crib. (for most moms who use a basinette or co sleeper). Amelia is in a basinette, for those asking. Amelia has always loved being super tight and swaddled !! Always since birth. She feels the most comfortable like that.

So when we started transitioning her for sleep to be out of swaddle I was nervous not gonna lie! We started by using swaddles that were safe to swaddle her legs out and arms out. Embebabies made it easy for us with the Velcro and still keeping the tightness she liked.
Around 4 months Amelia began having her legs swaddled out and progressed to one arm at a time. At first she fought and we would wake up to her almost breaking out or being out eventually by morning or crying because she got out. When that happened we knew it was sadly time to unswaddle. I had major anxiety about this because this was her method that was letting us get more sleep 💤!! So I was in pure panic mode, but like anything I’m learning babies change and so do their habits, so it was time to try something new.
I recently started trying the Nested Bean, zen sacks. I had been hearing they worked well for the next stage of a babies life, so I thought let me give it a  whirl and see how she does. She was fighting us as is, so we wanted to get her to the next phase and sleep longer, hopefully 🙏🏻🙏🏻
We received the zen sacks, oh and I also ordered their bigger swaddle sack and so glad I did! Amelia took to the swaddle sack so much better even with us changing up her environment. ( swaddle to a swaddle sack) We did one arm out to start, to kind of start where we left off from in a regular swaddle & after a few more nights of decent sleep, we moved to both arms out. She did well with that. Once we saw her sleeping for the most part, we decided it was time to go to the zen sack. Now I want to be honest, as I always am with my followers and fellow mamas and parents. I have been writing down Amelia’s schedule since we started with the sack so you can see what’s been going on. This is direct from my notes.
We have seen so much progress now that she is getting used to the sack. Now, remember what I said earlier on in my blog, in any change of environment, babies will fight it. Amelia fought the sack and we had to stay with it. So glad we did because now she’s really starting to sleep and longer 🙏🏻😴 !! I can tell the peep on the front of her chest really mimics our touch and I think it really calms her like the tightness of the swaddle but gives her the mobility to really move now that she’s bigger and no longer sadly my little infant 👶🏼 😭
Also, I want to mention, we are big fans of the baby whisperer book and I’ve been reading that and referring back to it quite often and it’s been guiding me with sleep, the “sleep regression” also known as they are growing and super hungry so that’s why they wake up haha!
Especially this chunky monkey!
Which is why you’ll see in my notes that we dream feed every night or twilight feed some call it, and it works well for us.
We have been doing it since she was about 2 months old, after we got past the every couple hours I eat and wake you up mom and dad lol! Amelia has shown me that as long as I follow her cues for the most part, I can get her on a schedule.
Not every day and night is perfect but it’s getting better. And sleep is possible!!
For us scheduling, somewhat of a routine, dream feed and now her sack is what’s working.
We dream feed around the same time every night. This way we teach her we will feed her before she wakes up and cries and gets hungry.
That’s the most important part of a dream feed. Normally then like this morning she stayed asleep till 6 am.
If you’re curious or have questions just message me!
If you want to try a Nested Bean Sack, please use my code “ali10” and please DM me or email me your experiences! I’d love to hear!! #realmom
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Baby girl zen swaddle sleep:

Wednesday : swaddle sack 9-6:30

Thursday : swaddle sack – 9-7

Friday : swaddle sack 9-6

Saturday ; swaddle sack 8- 6:30

Sunday : swaddle sack 9-7:30

Monday : swaddle sack 8:30- 6:30

Tuesday : swaddle sack 8:45-4:30 ( lighter dream feed) ( lower oz) we think she woke up from

Wednesday swaddle sack : 8:30 – 6:00 am

Thursday zen sack : 8:45- 3:45 am 🙁 we think it was because of her first night in the actual sack)

Friday zen sack : 9:30 nap at restaurant

11 at home – later dream feed – 6 am

Saturday zen sack : 10 pm – 4 am

Sunday zen sack : 8:15 pm – 6 am

Dream feeding every night between 11:30 and 12 am or if she goes down later then closer to 12:30 give or take

Daddy dream feeds every night and I pump and go to sleep.

Thats what works best for us.

Here’s some pics of Amelia the next morning after a great night sleep and enjoying her sack 😌😊
It’s so cozy and comfy for her, as soon as we put her in it at night and now starting nap time, she gets sleepy and calms & I can tell it’s becoming her new comfort zone. Yay!!!

Ali Levine laying down with her cute baby. The baby is using the cozy Nested Bean sack. Ali Levine's baby smiling at the camera. The baby is using the cozy Nested Bean sack. Ali Levine's cute baby smiling at the camera. The baby is using the cozy Nested Bean sack.Xox

Fashionably & a lot less tired ( yay)