Lingerie sales skyrocket around Valentine’s Day, but wearing lingerie isn’t limited to the month of February. Many women wear sexy lingerie to celebrate several special occasions throughout the year—birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, etc.—or on a regular basis for no specific reason other than a desire to make time in the bedroom a little more exciting. Although the advertisements for red teddies and lacy pink panties that appear in every store window and flood your e-mail inbox every February seem to say otherwise, Valentine’s Day does not have a monopoly over lingerie. However, there is no other holiday or special occasion that generates as much pressure for women to find, buy, and wear the sexiest lingerie possible. After all, it’s the holiday of sex, love, and romance. On what other day of the year could lingerie be more appropriate? We say Christmas and New Years! Why not shop for lingerie for Christmas and the New Year?? Start your New Year off right and spice up the Christmas festivities;) Buying lingerie is a challenge at any time of year. It is very difficult for many women to find lingerie pieces that fit them well, flatter their figure, and make them feel confident. Get through the process as painlessly as possible by learning how to shop for Holiday lingerie successfully and end up with the most flattering pieces for you.

1. Find Your Fit

When it comes to lingerie, the importance of a good fit cannot be overstressed. An alarming recent statistic estimates that approximately eighty-five percent of women don’t war their correct bra size. Incorrectly sized lingerie—especially ill-fitting bras—is uncomfortable, unflattering, and generally detracts from the fun of wearing lingerie in the first place. Fortunately, the problem of incorrectly-sized lingerie is easily preventable. There are two ways to ensure that you buy and wear the right lingerie size for your body. You can be measured professionally or measure yourself. Most lingerie-specific stores as well as many department stores offer free bra size measurement services without even requiring you to buy any products from them. If you feel uncomfortable having your bust measured in the middle of a department store or just don’t want to leave the comfort of your couch, you can take your own measurements to calculate your true bra size without leaving your house. If you don’t know how to measure yourself accurately, though, the numbers you get won’t bring you any closer to better-fitting lingerie. Use this expert roundup to learn helpful tips on bra sizing and measurements from professionals in women’s lingerie and fashion.

2. Be Bold

Lingerie was originally invented in the 1800s as an act of rebellion against the severe undergarment restrictions that were in place for women at the time. It was created to give women the freedom to celebrate their sexuality instead of forcing them to stifle it underneath excessively modest underwear. While most modern women can now wear any underwear style they choose, lingerie still helps many women step out of their comfort zone and try more daring styles than they would normally consider. If you’re looking for bold and daring lingerie styles to try for the holidays, there are many options available for you. Crotchless panties are an ideal bold lingerie style to wear for the holidays as well as Valentine’s Day. They’re the perfect combination of sexy, subtle, and unexpected that is sure to surprise your partner in the best way. Learn how to choose the most flattering crotchless panties and crotchless lingerie pieces for you from this crotchless lingerie online shopping guide 

3. Know All Your Options

The Valentine’s Day lingerie is extremely wide, so why not try them for the holidays as well! There are countless style choices for you to choose from and, while this variety is exciting, it can also get overwhelming. Don’t be afraid to look into all of your choices before making a decision on which pieces to buy. If you want to explore the world of V-Day lingerie but aren’t sure where to start, check out these ten Valentine’s Day lingerie gift ideas (which can now be Christmas gift guides;))  for inspiration. Looking through all of your options will help you choose the most flattering lingerie for you.

4. Enhance Your Figure

You should always take your body type and shape into consideration when shopping for lingerie, especially when shopping for pieces to wear on a special occasion like Valentine’s Day. Lingerie that complements your unique body is infinitely more flattering for you than pieces that are designed to accentuate features of a body type you don’t have. Different lingerie pieces enhance different pieces. Teddies accentuate the curves of full-figured women; bra and panty sets show off hourglass figures. Find out more about a wide range of lingerie pieces and styles and determine which ones will flatter your body best with this Valentine’s Day lingerie online shopping guide (once again, Christmas shopping guide) you get the point;) from HauteFlair 

5. Get Opinions

You should always base the lingerie you buy off of which pieces make you feel the sexiest and most confident. You’ll feel uncomfortable if you don’t feel confident in your lingerie, which will detract from the whole experience of wearing it for both you and your partner. However, getting opinions from other people you trust can help you choose the most flattering lingerie pieces. Consider showing pieces you like to a friend or two; they might be able to help you choose between two pieces you love and eliminate others. You can also ask your partner about the lingerie styles they like best. Getting an idea of what your partner prefers when it comes to lingerie can help you pick out styles that both of you will love. Always make sure that your ultimate decision on the lingerie you buy is based on the pieces that make you feel as sexy as possible.

Bio: Shaylie Foley is an author and fashion expert at, an online luxury lingerie company based in New York.