Alright fashionistas and shopping lovers it’s time to prepare for the new year!
Ali may have gotten Stripped in 2017 but going into 2018 she’s more appreciative than ever before! Ali has put together a shopping list for you to ring in 2018 the right way!
First off, as you all saw on Bravo TV that Ali’s husband Justin goes for the couch! Genius!! Well it’s ali think a little bit more about her comfort and what’s important. (Watch episode here)
That being said for New Years ali is recommending these new favorite sheets of hers
from soft surroundings.
They are so soft, fashionable and comfortable.
Out with the old & in with the new and you definitely want fresh sheets and bedding to start your new year right! Soft Surroundings  (these are sold out right now) so Ali recommends these as well
Trust a girl who slept on a wood floor for a whole night and used toilet paper rolls as pillows 😜 and had no sheets for her entire 21 Day journey, she knows what she’s talking about.
Secondly, soap!! Yes we all know Ali chose fashion over hygiene for quite a bit but she realized how much she missed soap, and one of her favorites is Carols Daughter, amazing smell which you need after wreaking from a Stripped journey, and for every day life you smell amazing! Ali loves this soap and their product line because it’s all natural, which she is all about now with Baby J on the way.
Third, alright let’s be real she’s still a fashionista through and through! So a dress is still at the top of her list! Come on loves, you get one item?!
What would you pick?! Ali wanted to be warm and fashionable. Right now, Ali is loving shop pink blush  for dresses for those moms to be, sexy fashionable maternity is a must!
And shop pink blush has fabulous options for non expecting mothers too!
Easy, simple, flexible, fashionable is what our boss babe needed to survive #Stripped and maybe a couple other options 😉 haha!