Happy Saturday Style Loves! Last week I went to the Hello-Ween for Halloween event at the Los Angeles theater to support the MS charity, and I had so much fun! It was an amazing night getting to support a good cause, but also because I got to show off the bump with some glavacado glam:) I chose to be an avacado and it was so much fun!!

I wanted to do a recap on this event and show my costume because I want all my ladies to understand we need to be comfortable in our own skin, whether your pregnant or not.

I really want to focus on my soon to be moms though, because so many women are afraid to embrace their tummies and their new looks, but I’m here to tell you that you are beautiful and so is your cute bump. I mean you have to look at it as this is a new chapter and it’s incredible that our bodies can do this. We are superwomen:)

I mean don’t get me wrong, I have my moments especially mentally, but smile through them and look down at your bump and your new coming love 💕 and fall in love with your body! 

Right now I am just having fun trying different ways to show off my bump and embracing the changes in my body because I feel like it’s flying! I’m already 19 weeks and I can’t believe it!

If anything, I just want you ladies to feel sexy and comfortable while your body is going through this amazing change, because PREGNANCY IS THE NEW SEXY!!  Show off that bump loves:)!

I linked a couple of looks to shop that will compliment that baby bump we all have going right now:) Specially my coat in these pics, so fall and fab!!

Also, I want to know what all my soon to be moms were for Halloween?! Any fun DIY or bump showing off to see?! Tag me on Instagram @alilevinedesign I want to see yours! And for those not pregnant I still wanna see your amazing costumes !!! 👻😍

PS can you believe it’s
November!! Oh my goodness I️ can’t. I’ll be talking holiday finds and all the products I’m starting to get into now that I’m pregnant AF haha!! So stay tuned!!

Fashionably & pregnant yours truly,



Boots- Aldo

Jacket- Nordstrom

Makeup- Blushington (Thanks for making me feel gorgeous on the orange carpet) *Use code BlushLovesAli20 to save 20% at Blushington until December:)