Tomorrow at Midnight it will be the start of a new year and new beginnings. This is the time that everyone makes new year resolutions and plan on starting fresh! We always hear, “New year new me,” but today we want to start by saying, “New year new glam!”

This is the time for you to start fresh by cleaning out your closets and spicing up your entire wardrobe, so you can have a great start to 2018!

Start by going through and throwing out what you never wore in 2017. It is very hard to let go of old clothes because you think “I may want to wear this again,” but in all reality if you haven’t worn it in a year then you can definitely live without it. Be a big girl or boy and throw it out;)

Next you need to make a list of the new things you need. For example, if you have a lot of graphic tees and tanks, maybe you should write on your list: cardigans, flannels, or cute jackets to go with your tops.

Last, shop until you drop! We wanted to help you out with a style guide below with some fun trendy styles for 2018!