Happy Saturday my dolls! Where are my beauty Babes at?!  💄
Everyone keeps asking what lipstick or gloss I’m wearing?! The answer is Moonstar beauty. My friend and celebrity make up artist Jade Martinez is the owner creator and founder of this amaze product!!
All natural, so soft and lasts so long on my lips due to the pigment! This is my new obsession.
You know I always say a pop of color, this company is all about those different pops!! 👄

They don’t stop at beauty either!! They have brush cleaners, pet solutions, it’s amazing!
All natural which to me is truly the best.

Right now my favorite new color is Date Night.

Stay tuned because you’ll be seeing a lot more on this amazing line and my favorite lip trends with my girl, Jade!

Check out @moonstarbeautycosmetics and follow!!


Fashionably & Beauty Yours,