Hi Dolls!
Happy Saturday!
Let’s be honest I know we all love make up & looking #flawless!

I hope you got to tune into my Facebook & instagram live yesterday!! I had so much fun with those that did. Thank you loves!!

So if you missed my live, then no worries I have the breakdown here for you!,

Check out this fabulous chart of what Blushington Topanga’s fab makeup artist Tatum did on my face!!

My favorite products that we used were definitely the hydration serum and the manna kadar – Tarte lip locked color!! So fun! Isn’t it?!

Fabulous thing about make up 101 is that Blushington offers this service and they will teach you how to create any look of your make up dreams!!!

Oh and lucky for you glaministas, you get to use my code, “blushlovesali” and get 10% off any services!! Hello DEAL! You’re welcome!!

Alright so by now you know I am up obsessed with getting my makeup done at Blushington!!
I love how versatile make up looks are and all the services they offer.
Go follow them on Instagram and you’ll see what I’m talking about!!

Even more fabulous for my make up 101 today, thank you so much to hand picked beauty box!
I loved every product and was amazed how catered to myself it was!!
Loves, go check out on Hand Picked Beauty Box, AMAZE!!

Can’t wait for my next one!! Hope you dolls have an amazing weekend and enjoyed the glam no tips & keep following Blushington and I, so much more to come with this glam company!!

Also obsessing over my look from Mai Couture!! Loving their heavenly highlight.

Stoked to share!!

Fashionably & Glamorously Yours,