Hi dolls! Happy Saturday!!
I am so excited about my new website just for styling and I hope you’ve had a chance to check it out!!

There’s a coupon code too, yay! I know we all love coupons! You can get 15 % if you use code “ALIFIED”. I can’t wait to have you all sign up!
I’ve had so many requests for remote styling, help with your closet, no idea what to wear, toss & keep, I can do all of this for you & you can book direct on my site!! http://www.alilevinestyling.com/
Instant stylist! Let’s get you ALIFIED!

Seriously, it can be as simple as do you like this look? To which color or top do I wear?!
I’ll answer all your questions via email, Skype, FaceTime… hello this is 2017!! I keep hearing I’d love to work with a celebrity stylist but can’t afford one! Boom, now you can!

Let’s get you dialed & styled up!!

Whatever you’re looking to achieve in your fashion life, let’s make it happen.
Fashionably Yours,
Celebrity Wardrobe Stylist
Ali Levine