Photography: Ryan Hartford

Happy Mommy Monday loves! I am starting to embrace all the craziness with being pregnant and here are some tricks and tips for what I’ve found helpful so far:)

I am obsessed with the Kopari skincare line for my face right now because my hormones are so off balance and my breakouts are reminding me of my high school days:/ This line will help solve your pregnancy breakouts with its coconut oil based products, leaving your skin as smooth as a baby’s bottom;)

If you have been following my Mommy Mondays here on the blog, you know that I have had horrible nausea during my pregnancy. My nausea has just now started to ease and I am enjoying every minute of it (knock on wood) Although, while the nausea was at an all time high, preggie pops were my go to!!

Some of you may think this is TMI, but I just want to be real with all my mamas out there;) The breast whisperer bra has been heaven sent since my mama boobies are happening 😂 and none of my bras fit:/ I love this bra because it’s so comfortable on my boobs and the girls have room to breathe, the fabric is cozy and I love all the colors it comes in. This bra is a seamless bra, so I can wear all day and night without any discomfort, so amazing!!!


My family friend Kristi Salmon introduced me to Doterra oils and they have worked wonders on helping me with my mood swings, nausea, and sleep! The bigger my sweet girl gets in there, the more back pains I start to have and let me just tell you, my sleep is not a thing anymore. Although, these oils are the only remedy. Kristi loves them and swears by them and so do I.

The last two products I want to share with you loves is the Earth Mama Angel body butter and the Burt’s Bees Mama Bee Belly butter for stretch marks. Lets be real, none of us want them, and it is so important to start taking care of your stretch marks now to help prevent them. I’v been told these two products are the best and all natural. So far so good and I love the smell:)