Happy Monday loves! I hope you had an amazing thanksgiving!! What a beautiful one I had with my family & hubby & our love bump!
I swear of all the places I’ve traveled I think Hawaii may be the most beautiful!! 😍🏝🌺

This trip was so relaxing and perfect after all the ups and downs of my pregnancy, mostly ups but as you all know I had a pretty rough first 4 months of sickness, nausea and just not feeling great. This truly feels like the honeymoon phase of my pregnancy 🤰 & I am so thankful I got to have a nice time away enjoying the sights & family time. I felt baby J move more and more this week which was so surreal and exciting!
She must love the sun 🌞 & beach like her mama!

I can’t stop staring at my love bump and falling more in love with her. It’s truly crazy to imagine in a few short months she will be here!!

I called today’s blog, “You’ve Got This,” because I think every woman that experiences this and goes through it, is #superwoman. It’s truly incredible our bodies can do this and I feel I’ve become stronger as a woman, and I’m not even to the true fun part! Haha, being a mom! Which that’s a whole another super woman category in itself! Knowing what my mom went through for my brothers and I, it’s like wow I loved you mom but now I love you even more 💕🙏🏻

As I continue on this pregnancy journey I’m like, I’ve got this 😆👏🏻 there’s struggles and so many questions, but I know I’ve got it!
I have to truly say this community of women is quite amazing! Every woman I meet, asks me how are you feeling, do you need anything? How many months, showing a true personal interest.
That goes for my amazing brands too. New and have been there from the beginning. Always offering me solutions, products to try for different things, how they can help, how I can be more comfortable, truly a blessing!

My Doula Alexis Myers – Haines always offering me advice & guidance and just truly being a friend and checking on me.
Also, my prenatal yoga 🧘‍♀️ teacher Alison Ross, my medicine mama, who helps me always find time to relax, center myself and work out a little to make sure I’m doing well & my body is preparing for my sweet baby girl! 👶 And ladies she doesn’t just do prenatal yoga, she has studied several different amazing kinds you can check out!

On the note of some of my fave brands and people, I know this weekend was a shopping weekend, especially for shop small Saturday & today’s cyber Monday!

So here are some brands and spots to shop!


Literally obsessed with this line, from the smell of coconut 🥥 to the softness of it to how amazing it works! I think my faves right now are the coconut gold body glow !! I get so many compliments on how golden my bump is & the melt are heaven for my growing belly right now!
Also, the face lotion & rose oil spray is so refreshing! As you can tell I literally can’t pick, and I promise you won’t be able too either!

10 and Co

Another new beauty favorite perfect for moms to be! This company is super unique in its mission & has incredible products. Still trying and falling in love 😍 so stay tuned for my favorite.

Bae the label 

Dolls, you’ll feel like your own #bae in these maternity clothes! I love how fashionable yet comfortable they are! I live in my black drawstring pants & when I go out I love to rock their different ruched dresses! The perfect blend of sex appeal, fashion, and I promise comfort!

Cuddle me Kind Doll 

they have the cutest dolls for your baby & kids & the best part not only are they adorable and affordable, they feed 10 kids for every purchase! I love companies that truly give back 💕

The breast whisperer 

Alright let’s be real, as we stretch & grow, our bodies change & so do our boobs! And I mean ouch!! I’ve been really feeling it lately. They are the only thing that’s been comfortable for me to wear and I can sleep in them 😴!!

Bunny & Hare

Last but not least, a friend of mines clothing line for kids is the cutest! She has the cutest and trendiest kids clothes that I personally buy for my all my family & friends kids now & can’t wait to get for my little fashionista 👧 You can use the code CYBERBUNNY for 30% off!

Happy shopping and Mommy Monday loves!!

Thanks for all your support! #5months

Ps: Men, we haven’t forgotten you!! I know it’s been a lot about the mom’s, forgive me it’s my first baby and pregnancy so I can’t help but be excited and overload my blog with it!

Of course, without you, we wouldn’t be able to have these beautiful bundles! And my husband personally has been beyond incredible during this time! So here’s some shopping for you!

JORD watches

My husband Justin personally wears these and I style with them on my celeb & personal clients.  We both love that they are so unique and made out of wood & you can see so many details in each one!


This brand is the perfect site for all things men apparel! From clothing to accessories and shows they have it all and it is so trendy!