Happy Monday my mommas and fashion friends!
This Monday I can say is all about ME. Ha!! Not really, but we tried. My Birthday is this coming Thursday, the 12th, and my hubby asked what I wanted and honestly I had no clue.
I don’t feel pretty at the moment to want anything new to wear in clothing shoes or jewelry. Which for those that know me, know I’m not like that. Lol… so I decided I wanted to get away and have time to decompress and enjoy since giving birth.
Of course we have Amelia Rei so we decided to do two day trips!
The first day was Idyllwild and the second was Santa Barbara. Both were so much fun!! A cute hidden gem of a mountain town and of course SB has amazing wineries, scenery and overall just beautiful! Plus, took the train this time too which was really fun! Something we’ve never gotten to do living in Cali.

I had such a great weekend and came back feeling not only blessed and grateful for my little family but re charged and happy inside. A lot of moms don’t talk about it, but post partum is real and getting depressed and down on yourself is quite normal.
I am learning this. It’s normal to freak out in your mind, be extra hard on yourself, not feel pretty, not want to go anywhere, crying all the time and all the above.

This was my BDay celebration, but I felt like it was also a way for me to recharge, refocus and find my happiness. I love my little family and we had so much fun!! But, no matter what being a mom is hard work and the hardest job in the world hands down!! I never knew how hard it was till now. That’s why they call mamas warriors. It’s so true. You give so much of yourself you don’t realize how much at times and why you’re feeling the way you feel.

I am so lucky my hubby wanted to get me out this weekend and just celebrate and relax. Of course we had plenty of spit up’s, screaming fits and everything else, but it was still the perfect get away and much easier than staying away from Amelia right now as she so young.

We came home to our wonderful house and put her to bed on her sleep training schedule (we are working on) and I feel good going into the week!

So mamas never be afraid to feel this way and love on yourself. I’m still trying too.

A little more fashionable & less tired,