Happy Monday my loves! This weekend I went to work on my registry. Wow talk about overwhelming!! There’s so many things to think about and so many options! How’s a first time mom to know?! I’m not gonna lie I feel pretty scatter brained and nervous about picking the wrong thing or the wrong brand. As I talk to a lot of moms and even new moms – I’m learning it’s ok to go with what you think with a little guidance and try to make the right choice for you. I have learned that check lists, Facebook mom groups, and mom blogs should be your go too, besides talking to your friends who are moms. You have to pick things at the end of the day that fit your life style.

I have made a list of some of the mom blogs I have been reading and following lately. These women are so empowering and inspiring. You guys know that I am all about women supporting women, especially in the industry. We are all boss babes and these are just a few in the entertainment industry I decided to share because they have been my go to lately. 🙂