Happy Monday to our fellow fashionista’s and fashionisto’s.

So this Monday we are changing things up a little and talking all about a new project with our fearless leader Ali and her friend, blogger and HIC: Amanda Lauren (hot mess in crime),

We know you’ve been looking for us to share more fave tips and what not, but, sorry not sorry., we are taking this moment to announce this podcast in style!! The podcast is called Things We’re Too Lazy To Blog About. The title is pretty self-explanatory. Every week, Ali and Amanda Lauren are going to dish on their major first world problems (spoiler alert: lack of organic kale, why drugstore hauls are impossible for them, and bad malls) as well as blog-worthy topics that would take way too much effort to delve into with words.

Ali and Amanda had their makeup done at Blushington in Topanga to announce their collab live on social media. Thanks blushington!! #carteblush

The first episode will debut May 8th. We don’t have an iTunes link at the moment because it takes a few days for Apple to approve the podcast, (hopefully just a few days!! fingers crossed), but there will be links here and on our Facebook page. We are so excited about this podcast and want to make you a part of it. Let us know what topics we should cover and email your requests to ThingsWereTooLazyToBlogAbout [at] gmail dot com. Check out the podcast here http://static1.squarespace.com/static/576c3b6d579fb30cbde95dad/t/5910b455c534a54fd9997174/1494267079905/Things+Were+Too+Lazy+To+Blog+About+Episode+1.mp3/original/Things+Were+Too+Lazy+To+Blog+About+Episode+1.mp3.