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Happy FriYAY loves! Today we have a special holiday treat for you all:) Since the holidays can be a stressful time, we thought we would bring a little holiday cheer and good vibes to the blog! So we decided to introduce our fabulous friend, and amazing psychic, Chris Medina!!! Chris was recently on Ali and Amanda’s podcast TWTLTBA, and was absolutely amazing at his insight and just as a person in general, so it only made since to feature him as our Friday Fashionisto:)

1) Tell us a little bit about yourself:

Thank you! I love Ali & Amanda! They are super sweet ladies. Wow… Where do I start? I’m a pretty normal person, believe it or not. I am a proud father of two teenagers. Currently single and living my life. I love cooking whenever I can and jamming to music while I do it! It’s so funny, the last 3 years have been sort of a new life for me. I’m so blessed to be able to do what I do. I am enjoying every minute of it.

2.) Chris, Ali chose you for Friday Fashionisto because she loved your sunnies you were rocking when you did the podcast. What brand were they, and what’s your go to sunglasses 😎 and why?

And I am honored! Ali has such an amazing sense of style and I would love to work with her! I could definitely use it at times. I usually rock Versace or Gucci glasses. They seem to fit the shape of my face best! I never leave home without one of them. I wore my Versace’s the day of the podcast. I was Biggie inspired that day!

3.) What’s your fashion style overall?

My style is whatever fits best and looks good while hiding all the bad stuff! Anyone who knows me, knows that I am always rocking black. You can never go wrong with black! A good pair of jeans and sweater is key for me!

4.) What’s something about you that maybe not everyone knows? (spill whatever tea)

I used to be a phone sex operator! True story! It was one of my very first jobs and I LOVED it! I learned so much. Maybe more than I needed…

5.) Holiday plans and any advice for holiday and insight?

Rest, rest, and more rest! I like keeping things light for the holiday. Spending quality time with my kids and close friends is my idea of celebrating the holiday. I like taking time to reflect on all that I’ve done throughout the year and things that I didn’t get around to doing. I’m a firm believer in checking in with yourself and seeing what needs adjusting and or removing. Always start a new year by going after what you want! Make every year about you!

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Anyone looking for guidance, insight, clarity or to change their life in general, come see Chris Medina!

Visit his website chrismedina.guide or social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) @psychicchrism