Today we wanted to honor our own ALD boss babe, the one and only, Ali Levine!

She has been killing the preggers game while in Hawaii with her family for Thanksgiving, so we just wanted to feature her as the ultimate Friday Fashionista. She does it all and always looks fab while catering to everything and everyone, so it only made sense to honor the one behind all the magic:) I mean look at how adorbs these pics are!

(If you’re not following her already, follow her intsa @alilevinedesign)

We wanted to ask Ali a few pregnancy questions and catch up on how her trip has gone while being pregger!

1) How was flying with baby in tummy?

Flying with baby J in my tummy was very interesting because she was very active which I just started noticing and feeling more and more and it’s such a crazy but exciting moment to feel those first kicks… I’m still like whoa haha every time there’s a new one and she’s starting to become stronger and stronger. She’s a whole pound this week at 22 weeks which is insane to me… Supposedly she can tell between light and dark too, so I wonder if because the plane was dark she was reacting.

2) How are you feeling in your bikini with your baby bump?

I’m feeling good in my bikini 👙 with my baby bump 🤰 who says pregnancy isn’t sexy? I am having fun showing her off and learning new fashion tricks along the way! I think baby J loves the sun because she kicks me harder when I’m at the beach. I also relax more so she probably senses that too haha

3) What has been your fave part about Hawaii?

My favorite part about Hawaii is my family of course, so thankful to spend this time with them and then get to see me going through my journey of my first baby :). Pretty magical. Hawaii in itself is magic in the scenery, flowers 🌺 beach mountains it’s so pretty here. I always love coming to Hawaii.

4) How is Justin handling everything with the pregnancy

My husband Justin has been amazing with my pregnancy. He constantly checks on me, what do I need? How am I feeling? Constantly putting his hand on my tummy, it’s the sweetest thing ever!! I know he’s going to be a great Dad

5) What has been your fave part so far with your pregnancy?

My favorite part with my pregnancy is hard to say but I would say probably right now I’m finally feeling good, starting to feel her, which is so crazy but incredible every time I feel a little kick, I think she’s trying to dance in there haha! They say the second trimester is the honey moon and I’m feeling it 😍