Happy Friday loves! This Friday we are excited to have one of Ali’s friends and branding experts who’s worked on the Ali Levine Design brand as well! Meet Phil Pallen

1. Who are you and what do you do?
I’m Phil Pallen, an LA-based brand strategist who keeps people and businesses position, build, and promote their brand.

2. Three words that describe your style and your look below ( send pic)
( brand names you’re wearing etc)

I don’t get dressed up that often, but it’s fun when I get to! I’m wearing an Armani suit (David cut) and I’ve got the exact same suit in two colors. I don’t like ties so you won’t ever find me wearing a tie, so I have fun instead with colorful socks and pocket squares, which usually come from Paul Smith. Glasses are Oliver People’s and shoes are Prada. I like brands, but don’t hate—branding is my job.
3. How do you know ali Levine design and why do you like/ follow the blog?

Ali is a superstar! I feel fortunate to have seen her brand and business grow over the last few years, and I’m particularly thrilled with how tenacity has paid off for her in a very, very competitive industry (where everyone wants everything for free).

4. What new projects are you working on/ excited about?

I’m right about to launch Phil Pallen Academy, a members-only community that helps people position, build and promote their brands. For years I’ve worked one-on-one with clients, and now I get the chance to share my secrets and access a bigger audience of self-starters in an exciting way. Why use valet when you can self park?

5. Where can we find you? Social etc.

Twitter is my main jam: http://twitter.com/philpallen

I document my travels on Instagram (and I’m always on the go): http://instagram.com/philpallen

And you’ll often find me pinning great examples of branding: http://pinterest.com/philpallen (over 20K pins, but who’s counting?)